BBNaija 2020: “Leave me Alone” Lilo shouts as Erica tries to Touch her.

Lilo and Eric are housemates in the Lockdown edition of Big Brother Naija. They have been very close since day one.
They are always seen together either holding hands or sleeping together. For the past few days, they have been sharing a bed. In the midnight on Monday, viewers who were awake saw funny movements under the duvet. It was an indication that they probably had sex. We could not really confirm though because the camera was turned from the scene after about thirty seconds. Could this be another Gedoni and Kaffy?

After the truth or dare game on Monday, Eric was seen speaking with Praise and from the conversation we inferred that he had an argument with Lilo. She felt he shouldn’t have allowed Ka3na to dance seductively on him. To her, it was a sign of disrespect for her. They weren’t seen together again that night.

On Tuesday, Lilo had a diary session with Biggie. She told Biggie that her relationship with Eric is a big distraction. According to her, things were going well until they made out. After that she said things no longer feel right between them. She told Biggie that she will not sleep in the same bed with him anymore.

She didn’t keep her promise to Biggie as she slept in the same bed with him on Tuesday. However, she held her ground about not doing anything with him.

Not long after lights out, Erica tried to make a move on Lilo but she stopped this by shouting, ‘Leave me alone’.

Her voice was really loud because the camera was not even on them then. The camera has been moved when Eric started moving to touch her. After she shouted, she faced the wall while Eric faced the other side.

Many viewers are disappointed in the pair as they have been always cuddled up without participating in conversations and hardly ever mingling with other housemates. If Lilo keeps her stance maybe we can finally get to know her.

Lilo has a boyfriend outside the house. We feel she should give Eric some breathing space and face her boyfriend whom she referred to as being very supportive and caring.

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