BBNaija: Truth or Dare (18+) On Monday 27th July 2020.

BBNaija lockdown housemates had a truth or dare game. The game was hosted by Neo. If you weren’t awake that night you surely missed a lot of juicy things. Not to worry, we have you covered. We bring you the sizzling moments of the truth or dare game.

The game started slow. Neo hosted the game and was really authoritarian and bossy but in a good way. Before he started the game, he paid his respects to Lucy who had just been made Head Of House.

Housemates sat around the dining table and spinned a bottle. The major rules of the game were:

Housemates were restricted to choose truth once.

Forfeiting a dare would result in drinking a cup of liquor.

Neo, being the host of the game, spinned the bottle first. It pointed directly at Wathoni. She opted to do a dare. She was dared to pick her guy and show her underwear to him. He was then to describe it vividly to the housemates. She picked KiddWaya. Trust KiddWaya, he described it vividly.


KiddWaya kissed Erica for thirty whole seconds. Then kissed her again later in the game for another thirty seconds. This couple has got chemistry like you’ve never seen it before.

Erica and Lilo kissed for thirty minutes with her legs wrapped around his pelvic area.

Prince dry humped Nengi while she was bent forward at the waist for thirty whole seconds.
This was the highlight of the show.
Nengi had on her short red skirt and crop top. While she was bent over, her assests were in full display.
Neo and Vee kissed for thirty seconds

Trickytee fondled Tolanibaj’s boobs through her clothes for  10 seconds.

Ka3na gave danced on Eric’s pelvic region while he laid on the floor. He even asked her to move down when she settled on his stomach.

Ozo and Laycon both have Nengi lap dances.

Nengi turned down giving Ozo a kiss.

Kaisha got drunk from forfeiting many dares including kissing Tochi.
Laycon dared Ka3na to lick any guy’s areola and she picked Neo.

Prince forfeited giving Lucy a kiss even after she had declared him her Deputy HOH.

All in all, the game was fun. It lasted for more than an hour. The housemates went from spinning the bottle, to ‘concentration concentration’ to just giving dares. It was fun and crazy. All the package you get from BBNaija.


Laycon tried to convince Kaisha about behaving more courteously towards other housemates.
• Lucy was seen arranging the HOH room and the bed for Princes’ return. She’s really into him.
• Lilo and Eric fought because of the seductive dance Ka3na gave him.
• Kaisha argued with almost ten housemates inher drunken state. She tried to convince them that she’s not rude but just being herself.

It was a great night filled with nice BBNaija-worthy contents and entertainment. We hope to see more of this.

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