Now that i think of it, I’ve actually globe-trotted Nigeria a bit.

– Visited all 5 South-East States(Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra). This is expected though, that’s the region i came from, and it is the least i could do.

– Visited 3 out of 6 South-South States.( Rivers State, Edo State, Delta State). This is the nearest region to us, and so its kinda expected in some way i guess.

– Visited 4 out of 6 North-Central States (Niger, Plateau, Nassarawa and Abuja) while also driving through one (Kogi State).

– Visited 2 out of 6 Southwest States while also driving through 3.

– Visited 5 out of 7 North-West States while driving through 1. It may not be what you are thinking about anyway. The Northwest is the region of the country where i did my service year. So, obviously, a traveller like me had the chance to visit many places in the region, just for traveling sake.

– Never visited a North-East State. Must do!

I have been opportuned to meet and interact with many people from different ethnic groups in the country during my travels. I guess i already have a lot of stories to tell the children. I guess I’m lucky too!

In the future, I hope to travel the world as much as my means can enable me. There is so much left to see, and all the places i want to visit, i must visit.
When you have the means, do travel, and experience the world, the actual real world that doesn’t exist on social media or press houses. Sometimes, it’s good to quit being an armchair general and experience the world yourself. Remember, travelling is one of the best ways to experience new culture and new people, not in your bedroom through Facebook and Instagram or Twitter.
Here, let me refresh your memory. The main ways of gaining new experiences are by meeting new people, personal observation and reading.

People who don’t travel always seem to have a myopic view of the world around them.
I remember the first day i arrived at my PPA (place of primary assignment) in Birnin Kebbi as corp member, and there was light everywhere. Thought it was business as usual with the electricity people as it was in the place i was coming from. I was rushing to at least keep my phone charged incase they took their light. Turned out i was just wasting my time. I soon realized that steady light was as common as the hot sun in Birnin Kebbi.

I regret visiting Argungu severally but never going to the location of the popular Argungu Fish Festival venue because i thought i will have time to do it later; the later never came.
I also regret coming so close to Niger Republic’s border with Nigeria but never going full board.

In the end, your experiences are the only thing you have. Everything that has happened in your life, everything happening in your life, and everything that will happen in your life are just experiences. So, you owe it to yourself to make it rich! Travel more if you can, experience the world, live in the moment. There is no special time you will ever get to enjoy yourself except the one’s you allocate to yourself.

Remember that in the end, you spend all of your time with yourself inside your own mind. What will you be regurgitating in your mind when no-one else is there to keep you company? Your experiences in life!
Make it worth your while, immerse yourself in it and you will come out better and more experienced!

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