Ondo State Judiciary and Lawpavillion creates First Automated Court System in Nigeria.

…and it is launching today!

The pandemic ravaging the world has forced many governments around the world to make serious adjustments to save their various economies.

The Nigerian judiciary have also faced the challenges orchestrated by the Covid-19 pandemic and adjusted accordingly, especially with regards to remote hearing and e-filing to help facilitate the justice delivery system.

In this new system, all processes associated with the initiation and prosecution of any filed case is done online or digitally. This has made e-filing very seamless, effective and efficient.

In this new digital platform, litigants or their counsel can:
• Automatically or instantly have their court processes assessed,
• Payments are made through the platform instantly for filed processes.
•Processes are properly filed and linked automatically to the court’s record; and it takes just a few minutes according to the two partners, Ondo State Judiciary and Lawpavillion.

This is history and a welcome advancement in the fight to bring justice closer to the people by utilising the benefits offered by the internet.

The platform is being launched today, the 29th of July, 2020. The launching is open to all to attend.

For registration to follow the launching, click on the link below:


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