Female Puberty

By Monsuru!

What Is Puberty

The puberty period of every girl is a developmental stage of the female reproductive system that alters some body mechanisms and transition a girl to adulthood. Puberty is induced by specific hormonal signals which the brain transmits to the ovaries. In turn, the ovaries have a hormonal response that stimulates the expansion, change, and development of the reproductive organs– breasts, bones, hair, and brain.

At the time of puberty, social and psychological changes also occur, influencing the transition from childhood to adulthood. Puberty usually occurs between 9 and 13 years, but it can happen sooner or later.


Emotional Changes✓

• During this period, there are often states of increased sensitivity that involves physical appearance. There is an increase in irritability, nervousness is harder to regulate, and depression can also occur. It is a period during which one discovers one’s identity as an adult and begin to create their own personal experience. Thus, the necessity for independence from parents and family increases.

• However, development as an adult is in its infancy. The feelings of insecurity, need for a career, and a possible family may arise.
Due to hormonal changes, emotion can range from happiness to depression at short spans.

Physical Changes ✓

• Your body weight fluctuates from the onset of puberty, and the share of body fat can increase from 8% to 21%. This weight gain is healthy, and without it, the cycle could not occur.

• In addition to weight gain and widening of the hips, breasts will develop during puberty. They’re going to grow until the age of 17-18 or maybe 20.

• Hair will develop in certain areas, such as armpit (under the arm), genital area. Also, the hair on the entire body will become darker and rougher.

• Sweat will become more abundant and can have a stronger odor. Hygiene is essential during this period.

• Due to hormonal changes, the skin will become more oily, which may be the cause for acne, pimples, and blackheads. It’s essential to care for your skin with a soap-free cleansing solution to stop and treat these period-specific problems. About two years after the breasts begin to develop, the first menstruation (menarche) will occur.

The female puberty stage is a very delicate stage of a girl which must be noted and cared for accordingly and appropriately.

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