10 Interesting Facts About Dreams You Didn’t Know About.


It comes in sequences as it pleases, and takes place whether or not we are aware of it.

It can be flabbergasting, dreary, a nightmare or mysterious. It can also be beautiful and awesome. It’s safe to say that dreams comes in different shapes and sizes, formats and realities.

There are so many things we wish we knew about dreams but which have been quite elusive over the years.

Here are 10 amazing facts about dreams you have probably never heard anything about them.

•Fact #1: You can’t read or see a correct time while dreaming.✓

This is a life hack in itself that is very useful to know. If you are not sure that where you are is real, try reading anything your eyes can lay. Most people cannot read while dreaming.

Have you noticed a clock or time in your dreams? What do they look like? And what did you see?

When you look at a time piece in your dream, you will always notice that it is distorted in some way or the day. The hand may not be moving, or it will be reporting an entirely different time altogether.

In this two occasions, always remember it is just a dream, and not real. 

• #2: Lucid dreaming is possible.✓

Lucid dreaming is the type of dream where the dreamer is totally aware that they’re in a dream, and they control their dream as a result of this awareness. It is also called conscious dreaming or dreaming consciously by being aware of yourself in your own dreams.

To achieve this conscious state, different specific meditation techniques and other skills are applied by this set of dreamers to gain knowledge about dream control. They use their dream awareness to do amazing stuffs in their dreams like performing impossible tasks such as flying, phasing through solid materials, etc.

• #3: Dream Inspired Inventions ✓

A lot of inventors have attributed their inspiration to dreams.

In other words, people have gotten inspired as went on to create wonderful inventions because of one dream or the other they had.

– Larry Page got the idea for Google in his dream.

– Nikola Tesla got his idea to build Alternating current generator from his dream.

– James Watson got the idea for DNA’s double helix spiral from his dreams.

– Elias Howe got the idea to build a sewing machine from his dream.

– Dimitri Mendeleyev was inspired by his dream to create the Periodic table.

– etc!

• #4: Premonition Dreams✓

Premonition here means the capacity of a dream to predict a future occurrence that hasn’t happened yet; predicting the future.

There have been cases where people dream about certain things in their life and it eventually comes to pass; sometimes in the exact same manner as it occurred in the dream. In premonition dreams, the dreamer gets a glimpse of their future or that of another person.

The following are some of the popular mainstream premonition dreams that have been reported:

– It is noted that most of the victims of 9/11 had premonition dreams warning them about the bombing.

– Abraham Lincoln is reportedly said to have dreamt of his own assassination before it actually took place.

#5: Sleep paralysis✓

Sleep paralysis like the name says means being paralysed while sleeping. Sounds scary right?

When sleep paralysis occurs during the dreams, the person cannot move any part of their body. This phenomenon happens both in the dream and a few moments when you wake up from the dream.

Again, during sleep paralysis, it usually feels like there is something sinister and evil lurking behind in the shadows, as if it’s out to get you. Yeah, sleep paralysis is truly terrifying, and makes you feel powerless even in your dreams.

I have realised though that the positioning of the body during sleep is one of the major causes of this phenomenon. If your leg is crossed over the other leg, you may notice that running becomes a problem in the dream. Sleeping with your arms under your body or abdomen is sure to paralyse that arm during sleep and few minutes after waking up. Studies also show that there is an increased activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls fear, feelings and anxiety.

• #6: REM SD – Rapid Eye Movement sleep disorder.✓

In this sleep state, our body is usually paralysed. In some rare cases however, some people have been noted to act out their dreams in the real world. Being unaware of this problem have led to broken legs and arms, home destructions and broken furniture. It is also a legal issue recognised by courts that people who act out their dreams cannot be held responsible for their actions since they’re not in control of themselves.

• #7: Sex dreams✓

Nocturnal penile tumescence is a phenomenon that is very much documented in the scientific world.

Don’t know what I’m still talking about? Smiles! Penis erections isn’t uncommon in dreams! According to studies, some people are likely to get about 20 erections in a single sexual dream. Same also goes for women. Women also experience sex dreams!

• #8: Sleepwalking in Dreams.✓

This is a severe and dangerous variation of the rapid eye movement sleep disorder already discussed above. Apart from just acting out the dream in their immediate environment, the sleepwalkers can also go on journeys.

In other words, while sleeping, they can sleepwalk out of the house unknowingly, and move about in dream state to wherever the dream is taking them to. Really dangerous, isn’t?

The potential dangers of this disorder is alarming, and of noticed, immediate medical assistance is required.

•#9: Dream drug✓

The definition is in the name. Dimethyltryptamine is an illegal but potent powerful sleep drug taken by people who prefer to continue dreaming even during the day.

The drug is the synthetic version of the chemical our brain produces naturally as we dream. 

•Fact #10 Dream-catcher.✓

Some people actually use Dream-catcher to wade away nightmares from their dreams. The Dream-Catcher is a popular symbol worn by indigenous native American communities for protection against evil dreams.

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