The current global pandemic has certainly affected a lot of human activities. From businesses to education, hospitality, tourism and the rest. In a bid to reduce the wide spread of the virus, literally all countries shut down their airport, restricting any form of business travels. However, as the lockdowns are gradually been eased, some activities, especially business, are beginning to gain momentum.
So, you may start to make plan for those business travel you’ve had in mind. Here are top 4 destinations for business travel around the world.


This city has been responsible for the most important cultural development since the 20th century. Located in Washington State, Seattle is one of those travel destinations that does not just relax and refreshes you, it also leaves you very much inspired.

Seattle is rated as the fastest-growing major city in America, yet it’s amazing that the city takes things at its pace. For visitors, the city offers a delicious coffee from the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market to help begin their day. In the numerous exceptional restaurants located in the streets of Seattle, visitors can find culinary delights.

The city centre is its central creative energy. Situated at the city center includes the Chihuly Garden and Glass as well as the Museum of Pop Culture. The city’s first luxury hotel, Benjamin Franklin, is also located in the city centre and was built in 1929.
If anything brings you to Seattle, be rest assured that you will leave feeling excited and enriched.


Patmos is an island with an immense religious significance. Though arguably the most underrated island in Greece, Patmos is among the most popular and favourite destination for most tourists who visit the country.

The location of the island, north of Greece’s Dodecanese island group, ensures that the island is complete as a classic Greek isle with several iconic whitewashed walls and ancient castles. The island comprises of beautiful beaches, of which the sandy Petra Beach located on the south side of the island is the most popular.

For religious visitors (Christians mostly), the island offers one of the most significant places to the Christian faith, the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse. The cave believed to be the location where the Theologian Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. This cave situated almost halfway up the island’s mountain has over the years drawn lots of religious pilgrims to the island.

Patmos also have several upscale hotels and traditional lodgings on the island that ensures every visitor feels the island as one of the best ideal travel destinations in the world.


Malmo is Sweden’s third-largest city. It is behind only to Stockholm and Gothenburg. Despite this record, Malmö, located on the southern coast of Sweden is still seen as a low-key city to both Swedes and foreigners.

Besides all the arteries of civilization in the city, natural beauty and serenity is still the core substance of Malmo. During summer, visitors to Malmo experience the full vibration of the city. In this time also, brilliant sunshine replaces the mostly astonishing chilly winter weather, resulting in a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius in the city.

The city observes two major summer festivals (Sommarscen and Malmöfestivalen), which also contributes to the vibrant life in the city.
There are lots of cultural attractions in Malmo for visitors to enjoy. There is the Malmö Castle, nestled in the heart of Slottsmöllan, Malmo’s ‘green lungs’. Visitors will also find the design museum and the bright orange contemporary art gallery a facilitating site.


For any traveller who wants to enjoy amazing sites, interesting cultures and breath-taking hospitality, Cape Town in South Africa is the place to go. The city is a well-rounded destination that offers a true sight of the skilful art of nature and the innovative human ideas at its best.

For the past 20 years, Cape Town has been named seven times as the best travel destination in Africa at the World Tourism Awards. This feat will come as no surprise when you consider the bustling city centre, the dramatic mountain ranges, pristine white beaches and the Cape Floral Region that the city boast of.

The city has in recent years made a huge investment in its tourist economy. There has been the introduction of new galleries, restaurants, bars, artisan markets and others, just for the pleasure and comfort of visitors. To find the choicest local cuisine, take a walk into the Neighbourgoods Market in the Old Biscuit Mill. The coolest bars and restaurants in Cape Town can be found easily on the vibrant Kloof Street.

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