This is what will happen if the earth stop moving for just one second.

Imagining the type of consequences that will occur when the earth stops spinning is a thought that sends shivers down the spine of everyone. However, fear from the imagination of the consequences such an event will create at catastrophic levels haven’t stopped scientists all over the world from seeking an answer to the question.

So, here is what will happen should such a phenomenon occur according to scientists.

First of all, scientists agree that the probability of earth stopping in its rotation is almost zero for the next foreseeable billion years. So, you are covered. You can relax now!

Now that your blood pressure is stabilized, let’s forge ahead.

1) From practical studies and simulation, should the earth stop moving all of a sudden, the earth’s atmosphere will still continue to be as it is. But, what happens next will always be like in the movies.

Within a few nanoseconds, everything not attached to a bedrock will be swept away in a heavy rush more devastating than any worst horrible hurricane nightmare you can ever imagine.

This simply means that everything, buildings, trees, heavy rocks, mountains, etc will instantly get swept off their holds and thrown into the atmosphere. Say bye to internet, electronic gadgets and radio waves. The stone age will be a far advanced society than what will ever remain of the human race if at all anyone survives the electromagnetic interference it will create at planetary destructive level. It’s scary to imagine, especially knowing how big the earth is. Then there is the moon to consider too.

Scary isn’t it?

2) However, if the earth started halting it’s spinning gradually over a time period, say over some billion years, the destruction level will not be the same like the one stated above. It will be a totally different event altogether, and scientists believe this is the path earth is headed for. It is believed that at some point, earth will gradually start slowing down on its rotation until it comes to a gradual stop. This is the closest the laws of physics can possibly allow.

3) We have talked about what happens when the earth suddenly stops spinning as well as the most feasible way scientists believe our planet will stop it’s rotation and finally halt to a still.

Now, the next question is what happens if earth stops spinning entirely after billions of years?

Well, depending on which side of the world you are in, we will all be served with new daylight time savings of 6months nighttime and six months daylight. Trust me, you don’t want to be anywhere near the sahara during this period! And yes, no more sunset! Seeing the sun will literally depend on your location.

Also, sooner or later, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will eat away at our sky. Who knows what other cosmic level biohazard we will be exposed to. Well, I’ll like to think that the civilization then must have discovered interplanetary travel and vacated earth by then!

Well, we still have more billions of years right? Nothing to worry about for then.

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