What i discovered about the human soul (DNA); easy step by step guide to unlock your genetic code.

WARNING: By proceeding to read the content contained in this work, you agree that the author is not responsible for what happens next!

When you hear about the word “reincarnation” what comes to mind?

I realized that what most people call reincarnation is simply the gene inherent in the male sperm and female egg which fused together to replicate the facial structures of the most powerful traits imbued in it. A gene doesn’t know who is dad, mum, uncle, sister, brother, grandparents or relations.

Before we proceed, let’s first revisit the word DNA from the heading of this write up. What is DNA?

According to Wikipedia, DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid, is the unit or a tiny part of our body that contains the genetic code of organisms. DNA is in each cell of every organism and tells cells what proteins to make. Remember that the main function of protein is “to build”.

So, what is the genetic code that the DNA carries? The genetic code or gene is a unit of heredity which is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring(Dictionary.com). So, the gene is transferred from parents to child through reproduction. This gene will continue to multiply until it is cut off and ceases to exist.

Therefore, when someone makes reference to something like “our ancestors”, they’re simply making references to themselves because they’re in fact their ancestors. They are the full manifest of the persons directly linked to their reproduction but living through different era and experiencing things uniquely through the formation of the single DNA of the first ever ancestor they ever had.

A father and mother that gives birth to six children have created six different unique DNA’s carrying everything about them but now embodied in a new cell, the child. This child is just an extension of the biological parents. The child is in fact not it’s own unique formation, but the fusion of two different DNA’s who agreed to experience life differently by contributing a part of themselves. So, every child is just the biological parents experiencing life differently without even knowing it. The child is the parents, and the parents are the child.

In this sense, procreation ensures that the biological parents will in fact live forever except it is altered. The reason for this is not farfetched, and it’s actually common sense. The new formed DNA is a product of two different DNA’s fusing to form a single unit whose key traits are already predetermined. What this means is that the child is the sum product of every generation that culminated in both biological parents joining their seed together to form him or her. The child carries with them, the culmination of thousands of genetic codes or DNA which at most lies dormant and the traits that take the day being the traits capable of blending into the immediate environment. If the trait that manifests itself fully later in the child’s life is not suited to the society, the DNA will manifest a lot of psychological disorders in character, habit and attitude to the entire society.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that you are not actually you per se, but the DNA of your first ancestor which still continues to manifest in different formats and different era’s, using its characteristics to align with its world to form its own experiences.

In Igbo tradition and most traditional beliefs around the world, ancestors are believed to reincarnate. However, this notion is correct only to the extent that they are only noticing certain core DNA resemblance of which the current child took which was a typical resemblance to another DNA (the alleged ancestor that came back).

Every living thing births organisms of its likeness except it is altered. Rats give birth to rats, same way snakes give birth to snakes. Survivability features are already in born in every gene, and how a gene goes about it manifests in the acts and choices of that individual.

This has led me to surmise that:

1) There is nothing to life. For all we care, we could be constructs in a loop, an endless loop with key programs keeping us in check. Programs like hunger, fear, love, hate, diseases, ambitions, courage, etc.

Take a look at yourself. Has there been anything constant in your life? Have you been happy all your life? Have you been sad all your life? Each comes and goes at certain points. But, do they ever stop coming? Do they ever stop?

They all drive us to death…hunger, anger, hate, love, ambitions, diseases…the never ending construct.

For all we care, we could be in a continuos loop and this are the key programs. Just saying. None of our senses are real, the mind just plays tricks with us, and in the end, what your gene seeks, it gets. You don’t control your body, or any of its parts, they control you. You don’t feed your thoughts, you only feed your thoughts what it told you is good for you and what your DNA needs to continue growing and experiencing.

2) That we are just experiencing life in the same way as other animals, we just think we are different. We have probably decieved ourselves into believing that we are better because we have better cognition, but so do ants, bees, and every other creature out there big and small.

We think we are better, but at the end, every living organism will die and return to earth, and the food cycle continues. We eat them, they eat us, everybody eats everybody but some people just don’t know it; or bear to think about it. Think about all the billions of people that have died, where do you think their body is at the moment?

It’s safe to say that we are all earth and earth is us. Earth gives, and earth takes because that is what it does, and doesn’t have the capacity to think except it’s manifest in an organism who interprets their experiences differently. For earth is just living and doesn’t understand or know anything, just like the human DNA. If earth knew about itself and it’s children, it wouldn’t deliberately continuously send destruction to them through earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or gunpowder.

Things like religion are concepts used to mold a DNA into manifesting some repeated patterns. Since the DNA wants to survive, fear of destruction will naturally make a DNA born into a christian community assume christian habits to cohabit in such environment. Reassurances from that community will assure the DNA which is manifest in the individual member that there is nothing to fear anymore seeing as the DNA can continue to live forever in an afterlife.

This is simply because the DNA wants to live forever, and hell doesn’t sound like a place to be if it wants to. The same DNA living through the individual will also be quick to fight off the fear induced through the religious community if it notices that it doesn’t need such community to survive. Same thing applies to a DNA born into a Muslim or any other religion. The simple reason is simply that the DNA will do everything it deems fit to survive.

This is the reason why you can’t explain certain things you do. This is why certain things are fixed, and why you may wonder why some people no matter what, they continue to exhibit some dorminant genes inherent in them. Since most traits are dormant, only an experience could activate it. This experience may come from direct personal experience or gotten from different sources outside of yourself. Everything in life is fixed, and the little thing you think you are in charge of are all dependent on what is already fixed.

Who do you spend 100% of your time with? Here is a cue, its not your best friend. The answer is ‘Yourself’ or ‘Myself’. Everyone else is also spending 100% of their time with themselves. Your interactions are simply the list of activities to engage in so as not to think yourself to death. We are like an atom, each experiencing things very differently. The seven billion plus persons on the planet are experiencing seven billion+ realities. This point of interaction between individuals creates the ALIGNMENT POINT. This explains the reason why we know a lot of people who none of our other friends and families also know about. For instance, Emeka and Obi are friends. Emeka has four siblings, Obi has four siblings. Each of Emeka’s siblings also have a friend or friends while each of Obi’s siblings also have a friend or friends.

Each of the friends to Emeka and Obi’s siblings also have their own families and friends, and it continues that way. However, the alignment point between all this people occurs through Emeka and Obi being friends. This means that people who wouldn’t have ordinarily met have been brought together through a common link. This also happens through needs and satisfaction. Except there is an alignment point, then needs can’t be satisfied.

What does this tell us about the DNA?

What the DNA does is to continue to live and interact with itself as it deems it fit. Feed your DNA the right foods, and it will ride you to glory.

The moment a person starts saying or repeating a single word or sentence everyday or every hour, you will be surprised at the interactions you have activated deep within the subconscious.

If I say “Nigeria…Imo State… Knife… China…Xi Ping”, what comes to your mind right now? Do write it down.

At the end of the day before you sleep, read the “Nigeria…Imo State… Knife… China…Xi Ping” words you wrote down. What comes to your mind? Do write it down in a different notebook or pad.

When you wake up the next morning, now think of the above words without reading it out loud. Do write down the thoughts that came to your mind in another different notebook or pad. Also try and write down what came into your mind during the rest of the day when you thought about the words written above; if you can, note the interactions you engaged in during the day.

What is the significance of the above? The above example is just a simple way of letting you know how your mind spends 100% of its time making up things. The mind is the DNA, and it doesn’t stop living and doesn’t dwell in voids. This is why in every passing seconds, all the body does is experience different things non-stop with no pause through diverse contacts or alignment points. All everyone does 24hrs everyday is to experience life in continuous varying forms, captured by our memories in different analytics layers depending on the most outward trait of the DNA.

Everything you think of is dependent only on your experiences. Everything you can talk of is dependent only on your experiences. You are living your experiences because that is what the DNA does, it lives. We are an experience. Our time of death is already set, but we lack the layered experiences to access such information because it is just another experience on itself which is dependent on a lot of other experiences to manifest.

Because we are just an experience, certain characters and attitudes in others determine how we relate to them. Do you wonder why different people make you display different characters or attitudes? DNA!

No one can tell exactly how you feel because no-one knows. What every other person know about your feelings is the idea of what you are experiencing. Everything happening around you is there to give your DNA a lifetime experience. Families, society, friends, religion, work, social circle, etc are all there to manifest in an individual, a unique experience. This is the reason why everyone cannot understand an act or thing exactly in the same manner if it’s not structured or follows a repeated pattern since we are all experiencing life differently.

A rich man’s understanding of politics is different from that of the banker, the politician, economist, manufacturer, civil servant, villager, poor person, the clergy, non-political persons, children, businessmen and students. Even though politics is the central point of discourse, each of the categories experience its effects differently from the perspective of their attachment to their respective societal machineries and facets.

Coming down to the individual level, everyone have a life that is peculiar to them and fits their lifestyle, a lifestyle developed by their DNA through its experience of the immediate environment. This is why we are limited by the amount of things we have experienced and our ability to experience more. Our experiences are the only thing we think of all the time. It’s a hard truth to swallow but everyone is just another experience to everyone else. This is why psychologists say that each time you think of something, you are only thinking about the last time you thought of it. Ever wonder why your experiences are unique to you? It’s because you are the only one experiencing it in the way you are experiencing it; just only you and noone else.

N:B– Don’t try that exercise if you are afraid of being overwhelmed. The simple reason is because the exercise is going to open your subconscious, allowing the ever conscious part of you to maraud more freely and in turn causing you to notice things constantly; things you wouldn’t have ordinarily noticed. You will become aware all of a sudden, and notice how oblivious you are of your own ignorance with regards to your immediate environment wherever you are.

How do you think desires are born? How do you think needs arise? Has enough being enough in your life? Do you control your body? Our body tells us when to eat, what to eat and how to eat it. Same thing goes for thirst. We barely control anything in our life, we just roll along with it. We have never been in charge, the DNA always is. We sleep to recharge, but what about the dreams? The DNA continues to manifest in its actual form in dreams through electric pulses in its neurological zigzags. Dreams are very freeing because in that level, the DNA simply manifests itself without holds or limitations posed by the physical world. Dreams are not real, and the DNA’s representation of self is mostly flawed by factors you can never know how or why or where it formed.

This is why you suffer if you make the wrong decisions. By making the wrong decision, you go against your nature, your DNA, and it recognises this. After recognition, it starts to do all it can to course-correct because you didn’t or wouldn’t listen. Pay attention, listen and observe, you will always know the direction the DNA is leading you.

When a particular individual follows the direction of their DNA, alignment points occur, needs are satisfied and new experiences are created.

The DNA continues to multiply just to experience. Because of this, an individual does not stop needing to satisfy something in their life until they die. This may not be unconnected to why individuals simply choose to end it all through suicide as they no longer see any point to it all.

Ever wonder why certain things made sense at some point in your life, then stopped making sense sometimes later? There was a time when ‘sweets and lollipops’ were your only problem in life. Is it still? Did you outgrow the need or did the experience leave you? Or did the DNA replace it with other needs as it continues to grow and accustom itself with its environment as it continues to experience new things? I will leave you to tell yourself what you think and think about it.

Everything stated above is as a result of personal introspection, observation and cognition. If you found it helpful, good for you too.

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