BBNaija lockdown: Ozo becomes the third Head of House.

Ozo becomes the third Head of House (HOH) on Monday, 3rd of August after Nengi(1st) and Lucy(2nd).
Ozo became the third HoH after the Monday games. He is also the first male head of house in BBNaija 2020.

The game required them to roll a big dice and move their name tags across a board till they get to the end. This same game was played by the housemates last week. Lucy won then and became the 2nd HOH after Nengi. Lucy chose Prince as her HoH.

A lot of housemates had problems with the game because there were some levels that had stumbling blocks. If a name tag falls on one of the stumbling blocks, the affected housemate had to pick balls with a tiny claw attached to a long rod, throw a ball into a basket from a respectable distance or toss rings on standing bottles also from a distance. Each stumbling block had requirements. The game only begins when a housemate lands a six. They had to get up to thirty with about five stumbling blocks. They were given two minutes each.

Ozo worked fast and accurately. He was the only housemate to reach the last level of the game. As a result, he became the first male HoH and the third HoH in the Lockdown house. This is an indication that he is ready to take his mind off all distractions and face the game squarely. Good luck to him.

After the games, he made Dorathy his deputy and a lot of viewers were happy though some viewers showed their displeasure when he tried to explain the reason for his choice to Nengi.

Nengi after Ozo chose Dorathy.
Ozo begging Nengi after choosing Dorathy.

Ozo showed interest in Nengi in the past but she turned down his advances. Ozo and Dorathy get to use the HOH room alone until a new Head of House (HOH) is about to be elected.

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