This simple but free powerful phone app records unauthorized access to your phone.

We all love our privacy, and it can be annoying seeing other people touch our phone without our permission. Worse still, is the fact that when you notice such intrusion into your privacy, the culprits may deny it.

However, you can say bye-bye to any unauthorized access to your phone in your home, office, school or any other place thanks to this free app.

Having said that, let me introduce you to WTMP which means “WHO TOUCHED MY PHONE”.

WTMP is a mobile application that records the activities of a phone once installed. You can download it for free on Google Playstore.


The moment someone picks up your phone and press the power button, the app automatically snaps the face of the person instantly and keeps, including other details like date and time of access.

• It keeps this record for the phone owner to access in the apps logs.

• The records can also be synchronised with the app’s cloud storage system.

With the Introduction of this app, it’s bye-bye to unauthorized usage from siblings, friends, family and co-workers.


If someone has knowledge of your phone’s password or pattern, they can easily delete the logs and you wouldn’t know that someone accessed your phone without your knowledge.

Outside that, the WTMP is definitely a must have app in your smartphone!


It’s simple. Download the app, press on the big power button you see on the right and you are good to go. Very simple, yet astonishingly effective.

Once the set up is finished, you are good to go. I hope you do enjoy this wonderful application!

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