Unlocking Innovation.

Innovation is one of the keys that unlocks improvement. It’s concept is about the improvement and betterment of any process. When introduced into a system, it doesn’t reduce the system; rather it increases the chances of breakthrough in such system. To put it straight, people innovate for the purpose of improving life generally and systems in particular.

Despite how sweet and welcoming innovation sounds, it still doesn’t come by chance. People actually work to make it happen. It does demand thoughtful, creative and forceful application of ideas to make it happen. Often times, innovation does discomforts people so as to achieve its end result- improvement. To a very large extent, the task of ensuring innovation rests on the shoulder of leaders. Hence to help you produce that required innovation, below are things to note.

Have Proven Innovators Around You✓

It’s important for you to have innovators surrounding you. They are literally the ones that provide the answers on what should be done and how to go about it. They never kept mute about irregular process or system. They challenge the status quo; ask direct questions about processes all in a bid to find ways of improving them. It is your duty therefore to identify these ones and keep them around you.

Beyond bringing them close, you must also be open minded to receiving ideas and opinions from them. When innovators are listened to and their opinions considered, they are motivated to do more creative thinking.

Safety Aids Innovation✓

Naturally, when people know they are safe, they can be relaxed and actually think. Therefore, it shows that innovation is promoted in a safe and secured environment. Safety sure plays a very major role. Safety here refers not only to physical safety, it refers also to emotional and financial safety as well as job security.
You owe it to yourself and people around you to create these safe atmospheres always. It is on the basis of these safe environments that you can expect yourself to be creative and innovative too.

Not Being Scared To Challenge Status Quo✓

As mentioned earlier, innovations don’t always come with comfort. A lot of times, it changes the normal and accepted ways of doing things. Other times, it brings displeasure from onset because of the changes it proposes. Those who seek to bring innovation shouldn’t be ones to shy away from these things. There should be the will and confidence to challenge status quo, ask questions and effect changes where needed. While doing this, ensure your team see the need for the changes and are on your side.

Sponsor Initiatives✓

When innovators around you come up with brilliant ideas and suggestions that guarantee improvement, you are expected to accept and work on the ideas. Beyond the acceptance however, you are also expected to give your moral and financial supports to such ideas. Often time, financial sponsorship is needed to bring a true innovative idea to reality. Give it all it takes, it is worth it!


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