Never brush your mouth before sex. Read to see why it is dangerous and how it endangers your life.

It may be very tempting to brush the mouth if partners or persons in relationship’s want to engage in oral intercourse. This may be to flavour the breath or make it exude fresh fragrance when you speak or kiss. This also applies to everyone attempting or planning to engage in oral sex.

No matter how bad your breath is, do not make the mistake of brushing your teeth before any sexual related purposes.

Brushing the teeth (and tongue by extension) with a tooth brush creates tears on a microscopic level on your gums and the walls inside the mouth. This tiny tears are permeable to sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections. In other words, one can get infected through them quickly and easily with deadly diseases.

Diseases like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis and hepatitis B can easily be contacted through this tiny microscopic holes opened up by the teeths of the toothbrush.

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