Seven genuine ways to know someone’s true character.

Knowing people’s character or behaviours is not easy, and it’s a task we will never complete even if we dedicate a life time to it.

However, there are some common characteristics that people display generally which should give you a clear picture as to the type of person they are. Remember, this trait’s exhibited by people is mostly influenced by factors and variables which you don’t know about.

A person’s personal and learned experiences which moulded their thoughts and values eventually form their core personality. Therefore, whatever personal behaviour you see someone show, it is as a result of their thought patterns and personal value system.

Here are 7 simple ways you can use to know a person’s true character. Each of them are tried and tested, and they work. You will be surprised at how simple tips can change your perspective of people forever.

1) Watch how they treat you when they think they cannot gain anything from you. 

2) If you are close to the person, call out their nonsense attitude to their face but don’t use insult. A free-minded person will probably laugh and make joke of it. The other person? Well, find out for yourself!

3) Be the ‘Yes Guy’ for a while, then say “No!” to their requests. This usually comes as a shock and will truly reveal if they’re interested in you because of what they’re gaining from you – financially or otherwise.

4) Watch and observe how they treat others they are better than in economic and educational status. Nothing reveals a persons true character more than being elevated in the societal ladder.

5) Disagree with their opinion on polarised topics. Polarised topics here include religion, politics, football, nationalism, etc.

6) If someone consistently tells you they are a good person but their actions says otherwise, best believe the act. Self-explanatory!

7) Pay attention to how they have behaved in the past, look at their current behavior. Acts eventually add up and become repeated patterns even though the person repeating the acts may not be aware of this.

The signs are always there, you just chose to ignore.

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