5 mistakes people make that guarantee they will have a hard life.

1) Thinking there is time, and before you can say jack, it is early 30’s. The 40’s will also start smiling at you from a distance.

The best time to start achieving your goals in life was yesterday. The second best time is now. Sooner or later you realise that the only time you have is the one you created for yourself. You also realize that time is an illusion that doesn’t wait for you to capture it’s seamless passage.

2) Having a child out of wedlock.

 This becomes harder especially for a woman with little to nothing to cater for the welfare of the child if the child’s father is a dead beat one. The age old wise saying still holds true though- use protection!

3) Relapsing into a job or career that you cannot grow independent of.

The trick is mostly reinforced if the said job is sustaining a lifestyle. Settling into a career or job that is not satisfying to you may end up making you regret why you never bothered to diversify or build your own dream.

4) Inability to save and invest.

This simply means spending every earned money without recourse to saving a small portion because you believe the small portion is too small to save.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there are savings that are too small or too big. Save according to your means.

Investment at early age may not necessarily mean buying a house or shares. It also means investing in yourself by gaining the requisite knowledge that will be useful to you for the future. When faced with the option of buying nice clothes and a useful educative book, please choose the book.

Instead of wasting time and data online watching pornography, you can use the same time and data to learn a digital skill like Microsoft Office, graphics design, data analytics, digital marketing, etc. Many big corporations offer this courses for free online. This is just an example of how to utilize your tiny resources to build yourself and prepare your future.

5) Focusing on pleasing people instead of concentrating on your own personal development.

No matter what you do, people will talk. Don’t understand this statement to mean just negative acts. It also applies to positive acts, and every other thing in life. We all have mouth, and it is not their for entertainment purposes only.

Focus rather on building your personal character through informed education, introspection of the mind, and a constant reminder of why you are doing whatever it is that you are doing.

As we keep running to wherever it is we are running to, one needs to calm down and remind oneself of the motivations in the first place. Once focused on motivations, what people said or didn’t say becomes 

ordinary gossip that flails with the movement of the wind.


6) Inability to say No.

Not having the ability to say no may make you the best friend for a while till you say “No”. You may find yourself trying to please everyone because you are afraid of how they will react if you say no to them.

Saying no will not leave you with many friends, but it sure will leave you with peace of mind and a few loyal friends!

7) Marrying a wrong partner. 

This days, marriage is no longer forever. The rate of divorce is quite alarming. This gets one wondering what the fuzz about marriage is.

However, though there are a lot of reasons couples may divorce. One of the reasons boils down to marrying the wrong partner. Courtships rarely reveal people’s true personality. In marriage though, it is very much different. Reality soon becomes very disappointing and the other partner realises they can no longer tolerate what they thought was not a problem initially.

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