Big Brother Naija 2020 Saturday Night Party – Week 3

Big brother naija Saturday night party week 3 is here and it brought with it a lot of drama, romantic moments and fun. At the core of this are our favourite housemates. You know who I’m talking about, it’s Laycon and Erica, our top trending housemates this week.

This week’s party was sponsored by John walker and as expected housemates had a few drinks before getting into the party groove. With DJ consequence giving us mad vibes, there was no darling moment. Although some housemates didn’t give us as much vibe as expected we still did not fail to be entertained.

The highlight of the entertainment came when Erica started seductively dancing with all the male housemates including Laycon with whom she has an entanglement issue. With Kiddwaya in the picture, the drama was very entertaining. Several times, it looked like Erica was trying to kiss her dance partners and being entirely seductive, with Laycon enjoying most of her attention and Kiddwaya looking on attentively, ready to swoop in and rescue her from predators (in this case, Laycon). Unfortunately, you couldn’t control Erica. Nengi and the other housemates had to help shield her. This didn’t go well as Erica kept going back to Laycon.

Other housemates had their own issues to sort out. Seeing Wathoni dance alone brought out a friendship instinct in Vee and she attempted to settle the differences between her and her old friend, Tolanibaj. This seemed to go on well as we could see the girls dancing together with joy. However, were they really able to set aside their differences?

On a lighter note, all housemates slayed in their 80s teemed outfits and most brought on the groove. DJ consequence killed the party with his oldies songs and mad vibes. Towards the end of the party, Laycon’s song was played to the joy of Laycon and all other housemates. He also played a mixed tape of the popular “of Lagos” and included all their names. The party came to an end with the popular song “pop something” and two questionably drunk housemates (Erica n Vee)

After party✓

The after party also came with a lot of drama. With housemates tending to the drunk ones, dishing out advice to those in entanglement situations and couples ironing out issues, the entertainment continued.

Most of the housemates headed to Vee’s room, some tending to her and others talking about the party. The girls came through for Vee as they tended her and took care of her vomit.

“I have never been this drunk in my entire life” she could be heard saying.

Neo showed his caring side as he deligently sat by his ‘London babe’ (I see a good husband material there).
Praise in his normal ‘I want to be heard behaviour’, was seen advising Laycon to leave Erica alone. However, the best friend/lover boy entanglement refused to allow Erica embarrass herself by having sex in public which he believed would happen should she sleep in the same bed with Kiddwaya (You are only harming yourself here bro – candid advice to Laycon).

Laycon went ahead to call on Erica’s friends to take care of her and prevent any form of embarrassment but she shunned him by asking for Kiddwaya over and over again. (Love, they say is a difficult thing).

The couple with the issue tonight is none other than our newest couple. Prince and Tolanibaj. A little argument started between them on the dancefloor but they seemed to have settled it real quick. That issue was brought into the house to be properly ironed out. At the beginning of their relationship about a week ago, Tolanibaj gave her condition to prevent embarrassment and situationship issues on national TV.
Conditions that now seem absurd to Prince. He felt awkward not being able to freely relate with Wathoni anymore and implored Tolanibaj to reconsider.

In on the conversation was Trickytee who was supposed to help settle the issue. Unfortunately, he emphasized that Nengi was the real threat. The couple were able to settle their differences and settle though, even giving us some cudlings on air.

Laycon on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have come out of the night’s events without scars. We honestly hope he’ll be fine.
Shayo na bastard. We should always be sure we can handle our drinks before indulging.

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