JuJu: Real, fake or myth? [Graphics!]

Growing up as a child, i have had events and personal encounters of the alleged juju, usually prepared by a native doctor for the people that need it.

Sometimes, i will be walking and i will come accross food items by the road side placed or discarded as a form of sacrifice. Sometimes, it can be by a bush side.

It still doesn’t end there though. There have been many news reports of some going as far as killing and harvesting human organs for a certain ritual that will spiritually redirect imaginary money in some way to the person. Not just imaginary money, but divine paths will be opened and the universe will surgically realign itself on the persons behalf. Then automatically, the person becomes a millionaire overnight.

Before we proceed, let’s talk about native doctors. Just like the name suggests, native doctors are traditional doctors who didn’t go to medical schools but learnt how to use herbs and plants to cure some common diseases that usually popped up within and around their vicinity. Most people mistake native doctors as the chief priests who are some sort of a mediator between the people and their gods back in the olden days. Native doctors would pass as licensed medical practitioners today since they also take years to learn their craft before they start practicing.

There is the alleged protective capabilities of juju which a native doctor can concoct. Some people believe that with the right amount of money and if you have a strong mind, you can get fortified by a native doctor through juju.

There is also the case of the flying witches and wizards, the Nigerian broom-riding Harry Potters who have nothing else great to do in their lives than ride at night and cause mischief everywhere they go.

There is also the juju related unending gossip that you can use juju to grow your business and turn it into a multi-billion naira booming enterprise. There have been reported cases of people being caught burying charms at their various places of business in the country too.

There is also the spiritual caging of people’s destiny through juju. People’s star and future will be spiritually captured, put inside a bottle and locked away. After that, the person who’s future has being spiritually caged in a bottle will never amount to anything in life.

There is also the story of juju being used to spiritually kill people or fortify self against bullets. There is also the spiritual destruction of wombs with juju. Juju can also be allegedly used to create goodluck and bad luck.

There is also the regular mainstream media urban myths that revolve around popular celebrities selling their soul to a certain entity to acquire fame in their career. For those that are afraid to sell their soul, they may do something else like meeting a native doctor to prepare juju for them. After the native doctor prepares the juju, then they will blow.

There is also the various urban myths revolving around the clergy and a certain source of alleged spiritual powers to bounce a cricket ball and send it to Antarctica with just a flip of the index finger.

There is also the ones that say they can divine the future by throwing a few cowries around to predict the future or see the past, cure diseases and grant numerous other supernatural healings and wishes.

There is also the one of disappearing money. Mixing your money with the alleged dark money notes from a juju inspired ritual will spiritually start redirecting money to the owner of the alleged dark money notes. There was also an attempt to try this one once at the federal level sometime ago through a money eating snake, but the people said they will not agree.

Then there is the big daddy distributor in chief, Nollywood! I cannot end this article today if i start talking about their part in making juju mainstream.

There is also the juju love giving ritual. Juju is also alleged to make someone love you, and can be used to make someone hate you. It can also be allegedly used to stop your helper from coming to help you!

Again, there is also the high possibility that everyone around you believe juju is real, and so you also believe that it is real.

Now that you know what I’m talking about and we are all on the same page, i will dive right in about why you should never bulge in to that hogwash unverifiable claim and belief. Yes, that is what i said. It’s all pure nonsense, and you should never believe it. If you did in the past, stop it from now, immediately!

What does being real mean?

For something to be real, it must have an “objective independent existence“. Don’t worry, i will explain.

For anything you are viewing or observing to be real, it has to be independent of your personal bias, emotions and preconceived imaginations. Now, let’s apply this definition to juju.

The first thing to ask yourself is, how did you come to believe that juju is real? I can guarantee that your answer is that you heard it from other people. I have been opportuned to inquire deep from people who said they witnessed a particular thing happen supernaturally when a particular juju person did an abracadabra. All my inquisitions always led to them getting riled up because at the end of the day, they saw nothing and are just going about succumbing to confirmation bias. Yes, go ahead and ask yourself if you have actually seen juju work. Or if it was not from “hear say” “them say” “Someone who saw it told me” “they said”, etc.

There is no verified story of juju actually working on anything or anyone. None has been verified, but they’re peddled as true and people believe it without questioning.

For something to be real, it has to be verifiable. This does not include things that are likely to be scientifically proven to be real but has not yet being verified or enough evidence doesn’t exist to make a conclusion on it yet. This does not also relate to things in the realm of the unknown which science, technology and our minds lack the capacity to conceptualise at the moment.

• Can Juju be verified?

Let me ask you, do you know that scam is very real? Do you also know that one of the cheapest forms it can come is through the juju lies?

Most of the juju related claims are purely there to make sure you are in constant fear so that making you believe in it becomes very easy. Let me ask you a question. Do you know that the illusion industry is a very big lucrative industry profiting from your belief in juju?

I often just smile when i see illusionists and magicians practicing their trade by the road side. Honestly, i usually don’t know what else to do in those situations than smile or just laugh it off. It just makes me smile, and may end up making my day. What makes me laugh mostly though is my imagination of what is probably going on in the mind of the viewers.

Here is one funny story. I once saw one illusionist get in trouble for claiming that he can magically use his juju style to make an android phone appear in front of a clothe he spread on the ground. This was after he collected some money from some angry looking youths to pull off the stunt. According to him, the peanut money paid will be used to appease his god’s so that they can spiritually steal the phones from a shop somewhere.

Unknown to him though, the phones he was planning to use and perform his magic has been stolen. Some people will say it’s a case of juju failure.

• Is Juju fake or myth?

For something to be fake, it has to be a sham, and a counterfeit – not the real thing; just a make believe to serve a purpose. The purpose may be a propaganda or to make money.

Myth is a popular idea or long held belief which is not true. In most cultures around the world, myths exist to serve as a deterrence.

This was clearly illustrated in the famous book “An African Child” by Camara Laye. An evil story may be manufactured and told about a village stream to make people stop going to the stream on Sundays or any particular day. Overtime, people who didn’t know the actual reason behind such policy may start insinuating and assigning their own wonderful entertaining descriptions to it. From there, the sky is the limit to how far the myth can go.

In Nigeria, there is the popular Miss KoiKoithe famous and popular ghost who creates unimaginable nightmares for students loitering at night. A simple look at the story tells you the idea behind it. However, you will be surprised at the nightmare the thought of Miss KoiKoi can cause in the heart of children. That is myth.

I cannot classify juju as myth even though it has some of the attributes. I prefer to classify juju as fake, and barely illusory at most. It only exists in the mind of those who believe in it, and it’s a total hogwash. Otokoto, Osisikankwu, Anini, etc were all killed despite all the alleged spiritual powers their juju gave them. Some people will say their juju failed. Again, a repeated urban lie that has been circulated through mainstream media.

All the alleged people who did blood money have a means of production which is generating revenue for them, creating diverse income streams. The alleged Yahoo+ guys are ordinary citizens who decided to engage in fraudulent online activities to defraud unsuspecting persons of their hard earned money through malware infested click-baits. Some just look for sugar mummies or daddies to scam with fake love and romantic promises.

Others simply hope they can be the famous Nigerian prince who just became an heir to a rich estate left by his dad, the late king. However, the problem is that he needs you to invest your money so that they can use it to process the adequate papers to control the estate. After the papers are adequately processed and the whole everything is gotten, you will receive your own big share and bonus. Others may just be that sweet European girl that has been chatting with you for a while and wants to send you her used laptop, iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy 10, and an additional £1000 with a number to call in order to verify delivery. However, the package which has been sent through an alleged popular world wide courier service cannot reach you for some reason. This world class courier service will require that you send an amount for the package to be delivered to you or you come to their head office and pick it.

The alleged kidnapping for money ritual purposes are mentally disturbed persons who engage in human trafficking to steal body organs and sell in black markets. Yes, it is a lucrative industry too in the black market. Kidney, Liver, Lungs, are still hot properties in the black market organ harvesting industry.

Some others who harvest or mutilate body organs for ritual purposes are simply dementia and schizophrenia legitimate but unadmitted patients who can’t tell reality from fantasy.

In the other cases, psychotropic or psychedelic drugs that alter consciousness are given to victims to alter the state of mind. Some may also give their victims concoctions to drink after adding some suggestive drugs to it.

No-one is on the internet to play rockabilly with you. Same thing applies in real life; it’s even more brutal here.

Let me say it again in clear text in case i have been mincing words: JUJU IS NOT REALjust ordinary make believe; a fake. Everything you hear relating to juju and it’s alleged potency is total lie. Belief that juju is real is simply succumbing to a personal bias that some sort of spiritual boost can be applied by professional spiritual boosters to achieve what cannot ordinarily be achieved with hands and wits. 

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