You probably thought your last job interview was the last because you literally provided amazing answers to the questions asked. You presented your skills and experiences to the interviewers in a manner that matches the need of the company. However, weeks after the interview, you haven’t heard from the company yet. So, the question now is, what are the signs your job interview went well are?

Truth is, beyond the smiles shared with the interviewers, uncertainty sets in the moment you leave the interview room. Hence, as you prepare for an interview, it’s important you learn how to know if a job interview went well.

1) Giving You Detailed Information On Job Role.

One of the strong signs your job interview went well is when the interviewer begins to give you detailed daily responsibilities of the job. Interviewers are usually not in the habit of giving out specifics of the job during an interviewer. So, for an interviewer to take you through the nitty-gritty of the job means you struck a nice cord with them.

An interviewer’s confidence in your capabilities to deliver the job is the basic of sharing that level of information with you. To drive the point home, if the interviewer constantly uses the word “you” when describing these roles, then it simply implies that he/she foresees you in that role.

2) Questions about Salary arises.

For most interviewers, it’s a deliberate waste of time to engage you in the discussion of money if they aren’t serious about hiring you. When interview questions get to the discussion of your past salary and salary expectation, it could be sign your job interview went well. It’s advisable at this point of the conversation that you answer from the company’s standpoint because they (interviewers) are seeing you as one already.

3) Being Encouraged To Stay In Touch.

Not all interviews end with an encouragement to keep in touch with the company. So, if you were probably handed a business card, the interviewers direct line or an email address for you to stay in touch means you had a good interview session.
When the interviewer informs you after an interview to feel free to contact and ask any question, you are likely on track to be called for a second interview.

To show a serious indication of interest from the hiring managers, you might hear statements like “Be sure to contact me if you receive an offer from another employer”.

4) Invitation To Meet Other Members Of The Company.

An invitation by the interviewee to meet other staff in the company is one of the signs an interview went well. That act of introduction means a pre-induction as a potential colleague. During the opportunities of meeting everyone, be as friendly as you can, and also seize the opportunity to ask any question regarding the company’s value and culture.

Don’t forget to make a good first impression on everyone as they are probably meant to be the people you will be working with every day.


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