Adiós La Liga! German teams dump Spanish giants out of Champions League to reach Semi-Finals!

It’s ‘glory glory Bundesliga‘ at the moment now as two German teams successfully eviscerate two top Spanish giants, FC Barcelona and Athletico Madrid.

Things are not looking particularly well for the Spanish league right now as all three top giants have been dumped out of the Champions League. Two of them, by Bundesliga teams!

It started with a wonderful masterclass by RB Liepzig when they outplayed, outmanoeuvred and dumped Athletico Madrid out of the Champions League on Thursday night. RB Liepzig started and ended the game on top with a late winner that in an intriguing Quarter Final match up. They eventually won the game by 2 -1, making Athletico Madrid fans question the choice of Diego Simeone as a gaffe by the management.

The club’s president finally had to reply and told his detractors to go and buy their own club and run. Such was the magnitude of the pain and bitterness the loss brought to everyone in the club, fans and owners alike.

All hope hinged on FC Barcelona to show grit and prove why they are the best team in the world. But, that was not to happen. Though they started on the right track, the whole Barca team was soon torn to shreds by a rampaging Bayern team led by Thomas Muller who delivered a masterclass to see Barcelona handed a resounding humiliation for the second time! It ended 2 – 8 in favour of Bayern Munich.

For Muller, this must be getting really interesting. He was also one of the chief architect of the prior 7 – 0 destruction of FC Barcelona 7 years ago.

The humiliating humbling experience at the hands of Bayern is sure to get nerves worked up at the Barca management, and FC Barcelona fans are probably waiting for what the management will do next to address the obvious decline in the team’s quality.

This victory shows that the Bundesliga is no fluke as some would like to believe. Bayern Munich and RB Liepzig are testament to the quality of Bundesliga. It shows that money is not everything in football judging from the value of all teams involved. It also exposes the dangers of over reliance on a single individual brilliance as opposed to cohesive team play!

Both German teams still have a big task ahead though with PSG and Man City/Lyon still lurking around. But, there is no doubt that the morale is very high for the two German teams who will now go all out to try bring the trophy home after qualifying to the semifinals!

For the first time in years, no Spanish team will be playing in the semi-final of the Champions League. La Liga decline?

Bundesliga is on the ascendency now, and Bayern is currently leading the charge with familiar foes, RB Liepzig. One good thing about the remaining fixtures from the league format is the fact that both teams also have the possibility of reaching the finals. If recent history is to be recalled, then the chances of this happening is even higher than you think. 

Here is past teams from same country who both reached the Champions League finals in recent years:

Liverpool V Tottenham (2019)

•Real Madrid V Athletico (2014, 2016)

•Bayern Munich V Borrussia Dortmund (2013)

Viva La Liga, Bundesliga have taken over now!

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