Meet South-American Capybara, the friendliest animal in the world. [Photos]

Capybara is a giant rodent native to South-American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.

The capybara loves to stay in savanna regions and dense forests, especially close to rivers, streams or any other water body that may have clustered around. This is mostly for their body temperature.

 Capybaras are social animals, and therefore move in groups. There have been sightings of 100 individuals in a single group, but they largely move in tens.

Though Capybara is not listed among the specie of threatened animals facing extinction, the hunt for its meat, grease from its skin and its hides may soon trigger their extinction.

See Pictures of Capybara and other animals hanging out below.


Young ones!

•I’m chilling with the cat! Play buddies!

•I don’t mind sharing!

They love me too!

See, there is love in sharing! Now, they welcome me into their home with open arms!

•Oh Capy!

•I’m a dog person too!

•Water is second nature to me!

They just can’t get enough of me! I’m a fantastic wonder!

Even the birds too! I’m a cool animal!

•The tortoise says hi!

•More birds fly by!

•I told you already, they can’t get enough of me!

•Aren’t we cute together?

•See, I told you! They just love me!

Friend to one, friend to all!

Yes, that’s a croc! I don’t know what happened afterwards!

Hi, I’m back again! Say hi to Capy for me!

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