Some Rare Animals That Seem To Come From Another World.

The universe is a very big place. There are a lot of animals that will force you to think about the world around you.

In this article, i will be showing you animals that you have probably never seen before. You will also be surprised at how alien-like they look. Who knows, they might be aliens we just don’t know yet! Just joking though!

Here we go!

1) Tarsiers.

This animal is home to Asia ( Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines).

2) Komodo dragons!

3)This is a deep sea fish called Lamprey. Funny face of you ask me!

4) The Saifin Dragon.

This rare animal is fats loosing it’s natural habitat and may go extinction soon!

5)The Sea Angel.

Don’t look at its size though, this sea slug is a deadly predator!

6) The Albino Pink Belly Sideneck.

Not a hamburger!

7) The Exotic Praying Mantis!

Surely look like one of those aliens from science fiction movies!

8) Devil Flower Mantis

9) The Vulturine Guineafowl!

The fashion industry needs some lessons on fashion!

10) Greater Sage Grouse! It does look very great and scary!

11)The Southwestern Tiny-Tailed Gecko.

It’s skin covering is something else!

12) The Vietnamese Mossy Frog!

13) The Mary River Turtle.

Look at the nose…a double breather!

14) The Hammerhead Bat!

This one doesn’t look like your typical bat. It’s head has been hammered! I’ll be scared too if I saw this in a lonely path!

15) Kakapo.

Would give the Chameleon a run for the best environment blending animal!

This bird is a flightless and nocturnal New Zealand parrot!

16) The Glass Butterfly!

Really transparent i tell you.

17) A rare Blue Owl!

Another nocturnal bird.

18) The Pacific Spine Lumpsucker!

I wouldn’t allow it attach those round cups on my body if i were you!

19) The White albino Wallaby.

20) The White Coscus!


21) Albino Turtles.

22) Marine Iguana. This is the only aquatic iguana in the whole world!

23) Albino White Shark!

Drop some comments, like or share if you enjoyed watching this beautiful rare creatures!

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