What Girls Want In A Relationship.

Generally, every man needs to find out what the lady he is dating wants. To do that, you will need to ask her, right? But let’s face it; asking what girls want in a relationship isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The singular fact that every girl, as well as every relationship is different makes it even harder for the man. Girls’ options and expectations in a relationship are a world apart. While some girls might want a man they could always lean on –financially and otherwise, some others might just want to be independent of their man.

In all these, there is one consolation though. When it comes to core expectations from relationships, girls have very similar stand-points. These stand-points represent a common point of agreement for every girl. Listed below are 6 verified things that girls want in a relationship.

•6 Things Girls Want In A Relationship

1) Someone Who Is Proud To Be With Them✓

This is one of the most essential things every girl want from their man. Someone who is proud to be with them and someone they are proud of too. It can cause serious concern for girls when their man isn’t proud to be with them or acts ashamed of them.

Idiomatically, Girls can be likened to expensive toys, and they want to be shown off. They want a man who will hold their hand in public, take them to his friends, and allow them to meet his family. This act for any girl is a big deal.

2) An Intuitive And Empathetic Listener✓

There is always a common fact with girls: they love to be listened to. This gives rise to their desire to have someone who not only listens to them, but does that empathetically. Interestingly, most of the times girls talk, they don’t want a response from you. They just want you to listen, nod your head affirmatively, and then support them with a smile.

For the men, this sounds like a lot of work. Well, truth is, in practice, it is a lot of work. It will require patience and willingness to listen from you. However, if you must be on your lady’s good book; you need to be a thoughtful listener.

3) Someone Who Communicates Honestly✓

Girls understand how important open communication is in a relationship, especially when done right. That is why it forms part of the solid things girls want in a relationship. Every girl wants a man that they can comfortably talk to about anything in the relationship, and have things ironed out.

Not just about issues, chatting with their man is something girls enjoy doing too. So, you will need to be that man that your girl trust and can talk to concerning anything. Fact is effective communication makes relationships grow stronger.

4) Someone Who Appreciates Them✓

You know how you want to be recognized and appreciated when you get things done. Every girl wants that too in their relationship. This time, they want to be appreciated not necessarily only when they get certain things done, every time and for everything. Girls need their man to appreciate everything about them – their cooking, their dressing, smiles and all.

For them, appreciating the little things they do is far important than the big one. So the next time the girl you’re dating wears a perfume that you like, remember to give her a compliment for that. At least she worn it because you liked it.

5) Affection

You can call it affection, while some call it romance, one thing is certain, girls want a relationship where they are shown love and attention. This can be done in different ways but should be aimed at out of the blues and eye-catching for her. Which girl doesn’t care for flowers for no reason, or cooked her special meal by her man. They all do care about it.

Rarely will a girl say no to see her favourite movie with her man under some candle lights. Even though girls understand how busy a man can be, but squeezing out a few minutes to check on them with as little as a text message brings smiles to their face. Things these simple and trivial are enough to show her that she has a place in your heart. It strengthens the relationship even more.

6) Someone Supportive of their Goals✓

Support isn’t specific for career ladies only, it applies for every lady. Ladies generally are free to dream and have a personal goal too, just like the men. In setting and pursuing their goal, every girl in a relationship wants a man who understands her passion and love for what she is seeking and supports her.

It is usually a terrible experience for any girl to date a man who doesn’t see the need in her having her own goals. A man who challenges, and supports his lady’s goal is always close to her heart.

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