For any business to become successful, trust and transparency are very fundamental. In fact, no true progress can be made in a workplace or in any business where there is the absence of trust within the team.

Ernst & Young magazine in a recent survey revealed that most global professionals don’t trust their employer, boss, team or colleagues. This, however, can be improved through several means, of which transparency is vital. Below are tips to help leaders in building trust and improving transparency in the workplace.

Connect With Employees through Frequent Communication and Engagement✓

Trust and transparency are built over time. Its building must always begin with an honest and open dialogue. This kind of dialogue should exist between boss and employees with the intent of building stronger bonds. Every employee wants to be sure of where they stand with their employers and have the confidence that their managers got their back.

This can only be possible through regular check-ins and frequent individualized communications. Leaders in workplaces should adopt measures of meeting up with employees at least 10-15 minutes in a week and inquire what they are working on. They can also offer to be of help in any way possible. This approach will build strong bonds and trust in the workplace.

Build an Open and Sharing Culture✓

Leadership is sharing as well as openness. Every employee wants to work under a manager who is always open and seek to share ideas and solutions. Most leaders understand the importance of being open to team members. However, where they struggle most is in the area of being consistent with this.

To truly build transparency, leaders must be committed to always having an effective communication between them and team members. It should become part of the managers’ culture to share with employees both good and bad news. Beyond being seen as the authoritative or directional leader, employees are seeking for leaders they can connect with.

Create an Environment that Empowers Employees to Succeed✓

Great leaders have a culture of wanting team members to grow professionally. They allow them to take up tasks and carry-out specific projects on their own. Some will succeed at first attempt while others will fail; however, the latter must be encouraged to try again. To build a foundation of trust, room for failure and lessons should be afforded.

Managers should create an environment that allows employees to openly speak-up and seek solutions to the problem on their own. This demonstrates the level of trust the boss has on the team members and in turn build the teams trust for the boss. Confident employees are the most trust-worthy set of employees.

Appreciate, Encourage and Empower✓

Appreciation for individual accomplishments provides employees with the required drive to achieve more. When encouragement is given for little effort, workers are motivated to put in more energy and efforts. As a manager, seize every opportunity to appreciate and provide positive encouragement to team members.

This will require that you pay attention to every detail in the workplace. Ensure you recognize the performance of every employee. Appreciate those doing well, and encourage those not doing too well.

Also, ensure that your team is empowered so as to amplify their strengths. Provide necessary platform and opportunities for them to excel in given projects. This will build their confidence as well as increase their motivation.

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