The destructive capacity of Russia’s Tsar Bomba is why countries shouldn’t build nuclear weapons.

The Tsar Bomba is a super hydrogen bomb built and detonated by the Soviet Union, and reportedly the only one of its kind. 

The Tsar Bomba [Soviet RDS-220 hydrogen bomb] is rated as the the most powerful nuclear warhead ever built and detonated. It was tested in 1961 to verify an ongoing experiment based on “calculation principles and multi-stage thermonuclear weapon designs” by the Soviet Union.

The Russian federation recently released the video clip of the declassified video clip of the detonation. The bomb is said to be 3000+ times more deadly and bigger than the nuclear bomb detonation that destroyed Hiroshima in Japan.

The test was done as far back as 1961 and was recently declassified by the Russian military. The declassified video clip is currently circulating on the internet space and has got millions of people talking; myself included. Watching that clip brought goose bumps on my skin.

The Tsar Bomba was detonated at the cape of Severny Island, Novaya Zemlya. After the pilot deployed the Tsar hydrogen bomb to the test area, a white blinding light covers everywhere before a big heavy hydrogen cloud is seen rising up into the sky. In case you are imagining it, this bomb has the capacity to wipe out a whole continent and keep it completely desolate for the foreseeable future. It’s really frightening.

Watching the clip made me shiver in wonder. I wonder who wouldn’t shiver watching such release of super powered energy blast. It was just like one of those science fiction movies that came to life. I wonder in awe at the human capacity to idealise and materialise such planetary level destructive weapons. It’s even more frightening that there are many more nuclear weapons still around.

The destructive capacity of Russia’s Tsar Bomba shows exactly why countries shouldn’t build nuclear weapons. The destructive capacity is earth shattering, and Chernobyl nuclear disaster comes to mind immediately.

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