Top Seven Best Selling Laptop Brands In The World.

Procuring a laptop may seem difficult at times with different brands being introduced daily across the world. Note that for a product to be bestselling merely indicates the level of trust the consumers have in the product and how the manufacturer takes in mind the satisfaction of users. In essence, instead of giving yourself the trouble of looking around to find a laptop brand that suits your needs; simply go for any of these bestselling brands.

Here is a list of the top seven bestselling laptop brands in the world.

  1. ACER

Acer produces laptops that are relatively cheap with long lasting battery life. The tons of users who trust them can’t be wrong. Being found at cheap rates doesn’t mean reduction in functions. Their laptops are up to date and can be compared to any other laptop on the market. Students often opt for this brand therefore.


Known for quality laptops with long lasting battery lives, fascinating screen display, and nice storage space, “awesome” is what you’ll say whenever you see any of their laptops. Though Samsung products may seem expensive, when you get to use Samsung laptops, you’ll then know that it’s worth the price. A lot of Samsung Laptop users can attest to the quality of this brand.


They say “being old comes with experience.” I guess this is what has made Toshiba still be in business since the late nineties when the brand started manufacturing laptops. For them to still be one of the bestselling brands signifies how much their customers trust them.

Toshiba laptops are luxury laptops and very sleek, they are durable and affordable; they provide users with an overall great experience. Toshiba laptops are very good laptops any user will appreciate.

  1. HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Anyone who doesn’t know this brand is probably from outer space. HP produces one of the best laptops in the market, this date back over a decade now, yet they still produce high quality laptops. Over time, they keep innovating on their performance producing newer products. Though their laptops’ prices are on the high side, they are worth the costs.

They come with beautiful designs and up-to-date accessories that will make users delighted. Users won’t even think of getting a different brand when they use HP laptops, even when the need to upgrade arises, it’ll still be an HP laptop you would opt for. HP produces sleek designs that anyone would love.


Lenovo laptops comes with good ram, hitch-free multimedia experience, life changing gaming effect, excellent keyboard design and many other features. Lenovo’s recent products comes with a touchpad that makes using the keyboard fun. Right from time, Lenovo have been innovative in the production of exquisitely designed laptops that are highly functional and attractive. With all these awesome features, Lenovo has earned the trust of many users worldwide, and you’ll be no exception if you try Lenovo branded laptops.

  1. APPLE

This brand knows how to entice customers with their thoroughly designed laptops. It gives them distinctiveness other brands do not have. Apple laptops are ultra slim, light and come with quality components used on its motherboard. Apple laptops are elegant and users are portrayed as smart individuals. With their vivid and bright display along with their long-lasting battery life, you’re in for a great experience with your multimedia files or when gaming.

Apple laptops also have great built-in applications. The keyboards have light sensors in them, with some of their recent laptops having the touch pad in replacement of the function keys. Though they cost much, they are worth every cent spent on them. Get an Apple laptop if you appreciate style and functionality.

  1. DELL

Dell is known for producing laptops that are durable and rugged. Dell laptops are secure from vulnerabilities experienced with many other laptop brands. You’ll have no complaints and they can be used for an extended period without sudden damage and will exceed your warranty.

Dell laptops comes with high-quality processors and components, you’re in for an experience never encountered before. They also function properly even with high speed when running applications; cool multitasking experience are the normal features of their laptops. Dell laptops comes with enhanced security, and are suitable for business people whose jobs require secrecy. Some of Dell’s recent laptops come with “free-fall sensor or solid state drive”. Dell laptops may be expensive, but they are fantastic. They also have low-cost products as well.

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