BBNaija 2020: Major Headlines, Highlights and Viral News that happened inside the House this week.

As expected, the Big Brother Naija reality TV show produced a lot of news worthy moments this week, with Erica’s revelation about her affair with Kiddwaya topping the major headlines.

1) Erica confesses to Neo about her love-making under the Duvet with Kiddwaya.

In what was undoubtedly the biggest viral news of the week, Erica confessed to Neo that she actually made love under the duvet with Kiddwaya during their time in the lounge for the Head of House.

Well, that settles it then, fans can now rest. But, as expected, there was heavy backlash accross the Nigerian media space with morality and ethics of the show being at the top of the list.

2) Vicar of the Anglican Church of the Epiphany, Abuja calls on NBC to ban the BBNAIJA Reality TV show.

In a growing list of prominent religious clerics who continue to call for the banning of the show, the Anglican priest also asks viewers and fans of the show to seek God’s forgiveness.

All who watch the reality programme should desist from it and ask God for forgiveness as it does not promote a healthy relationship with God, neither does it promote healthy marital values.”

This is not unconnected to Erica’s revelation about her act with Kiddwaya under the duvet.

3) In-house activity almost cost me my relationship outside the Reality Show – Praise.

Praise, who has been evicted from the house made a revelation that a hot steamy session he enjoyed with Ka3na as a housemate on the popular reality TV show shook his relationship. He made this known during an interview with

Praise also denied that he didn’t make love with Ka3na in the house, but admitted that they did cuddle under the duvet.

4) Billionaire’s son promises to help Laycon when they leave the house.

This may come as a surprise though to some fans of the show due to the love triangle brewing in the house among them because of shared interest in Erica.

Kiddwaya told Laycon that:

After the house, I will connect you so you perform at one Musicfest. You have good talent.” Apparently, Laycon’s performance at last week’s Saturday night party put him in Kiddwaya’s good book.

Laycon came into the show as a musician, though not that popular before the current reality show endeared him to a larger fanbase accross the country.

5) Laycon caught on Camera grabbing Dorathy’s bum bum.

While the housemates where playing their usual Truth or Dare, Laycon was dared to grab the buttocks of any of the seven (7) remaining female housemates and massage it.

Apparently, not minding the dare, Laycon decided to carry it out and was caught on camera doing it.

Viewers were hoping he would have picked Erica, his love interest in the house.

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