BBNAIJA 2020: Erica Disqualified, Lucy Evicted from the house after a disaster ridden week.

Fans of the TV show expectedly witnessed Erica get disqualified from the house after hitting the third strike in Biggie’s book of house rule defaulters.

Erica was seen live on TV defacing the house walls and threatening to kill one of the housemates, Laycon, after a massive outburst of rage. The action made the shows fans to call her out, demanding that BBNAIJA get her disqualified or apologize to former housemates who were also disqualified for unruly behaviour.

The big hammer finally landed on Erica, who was all tears after Biggie made the announcement. This is bad though, especially from the fact that Erica is one of the shows hottest housemate at the moment, and was in line to at least win the top prize or finish at the top due to her popularity.

Meanwhile, Lucy has been evicted from the house on Sunday after getting the least number of votes from both fans and her fellow housemates.

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