How BBNaija gained the hearts of Nigerian youths and became a household name in four (4) years.

How did Big Brother NAIJA gain the hearts of Nigerian Youths? That must be the key questions on the hearts of some top clergy men, politicians and Nigerian citizen’s at large who desire the NBC to ban the show.

It even gets better though because aside from the Nigerian youths, some elder citizens seem to be falling in love with the show as well. The Big Brother Naija show often turns out to be the most talked about event in all Nigerian media space throughout its duration. The fortunate side of it all is that it has maintained this consistency over a four (4) years period since it’s relaunch in 2017.

Nothing delivers drama at a national level more than BBNaija at this moment in the entertainment space except football. The show is so popular that most Nigerian top celebrities also root for their favourite contestants, sometimes even campaigning for their favourite housemates to win.

There is always a raging debate by the moralist upholders in the society as to the relevance of the show, with many pushing that the popular reality show is adding to the moral decadence of the Nigerian society. However, this has not reduced the popularity of the show one bit. If anything, it makes it even more popular.

Amongst the shows most popular fans are Nigerian young women, who seem to identify with most of the shows female contestants, and even form fan clubs to help their favourite housemates garner votes to continuously keep them in the house. The men are not left out too, the biggest example being the youth’s movement for the Warri born Efe who later emerged the winner in the year’s edition.

The big corporations are not left out of the golden geese that the reality show is turning out to be too. Alongside sponsoring the show, they also offer endorsement packages to the contestants. Companies like IVM, Bet9ja, Fashion lines, Noodles companies, etc are noticeably big name organisations who are official sponsors of the show.

So, how did Big Brother Naija Reality TV show become a popular common brand in Nigeria that almost everyone knows within a space of 4yrs?

1) They leveraged on the popularity of DSTV and Gotv.

Big Brother is a popular entertainment brand around the world, and therefore they have the resources to partner with the biggest cable TV network in Africa.

Already popular among Nigerians with their African Magic channels, Music Video Channels and Football, adding Big Brother Naija to the list was already bound to market the show to higher audience who are already used to the Multi-choice brand. This became a master stroke because Big Brother Naija reality TV show is currently the biggest one on the continent, with millions of fans all over Africa, not just Nigeria.

By partnering with DSTV with its millions of users accross Africa and a huge market demographics in Nigeria, the Big Brother Naija show soon endeared it’s heart to the hearts of the users of the service provided by South African Television services provider. 

Both DSTV and GOTV share the exclusive right of airing the show. GOTV ensures that low income earners are not left out of the show with its low subscription rates.

2) Associated themselves with big name brands.

There is no doubt that the show is now a money magnet for big brands. However, it all started with the activities of the show owners during their entrance into the Nigerian entertainment niche. This was at a time that football and a few top Nollywood and music stars enjoyed all the corporate endorsements in the entertainment industry.

Some of the big brand names the show associated with include Multi-Choice, Bet9ja, Betway, Payporte, Guinness, Nigerian Breweries, etc.

Last year, it is reported that Bet9ja paid an estimated N1.08 billion Naira in order to replace Payporte as the number one sponsor of the Big Brother Naija. And, that is just from one company alone.

3) Massive Marketing Campaign with established celebrities and brands.

The show is popularly known for organising a Saturday Night Party during the airing of each edition of the reality show. In this event, the housemates and fans are treated to the tunes of big name Nigerian celebrities and musicians. Most top rated Nigerian singers and DJ’s have been contracted to sing or perform in the show at one time or the other.

Apart from that, association with big name brands also means that the musicians and celebrities endorsed by this big corporations will ultimately talk about the show for publicity and marketing. This celebrities have huge fan following themselves, and therefore any mention of the shows name is sure to get fans interested or talking about it. But, ultimately, the show reach the eyes of millions of fans too through this channel.

Again, the show has leveraged on the celebrity status it gave it’s past housemates to promote the show. It’s no brainer then that BBNAIJA is always the most talked about topic whenever it is on air.

4) Consistent ability to churn out Drama from the Housemates.

The drama from the BBNAIJA house during its airing at any point in time is so big that it literally powers thousands of articles in the Nigerian blogging niche during its run.

All of the editions since it’s relaunch have produced housemates with the ability to create massive drama in the house. It gets better even, because the drama doesn’t just end at being a one bit wonder, they also sustain it all through the show, especially during the late stages of the show. This also lends credence to their casting team who are doing a wonderful job of supplying the show with the right housemates they need to successfully organise each iteration.

5) Prize Money.

Hearing that there is a show in the country with a prize money of N85,000,000 is sure to at least make you pause and ponder over it.

It even becomes more tantalising to the ears when you hear that all you need to do is pass the audition and when you enter the house, it’s enjoyment galore, with a Saturday Night Party every weekend. When you also hear that you can win millions while in the show through in-house games and brand endorsements, suddenly your priorities become very clearer and succinct.

The prize money of the show is also one of the biggest factors that got the show endeared to Nigerians. The wonders of what such amount of money will do for the winner makes it a try your luck thing. Hi, Bet9ja!

There are also a lot of other things which also made the show a household name which i have not included in the list. But, at least one can agree that the things listed above played a huge part in the meteoric rise of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show.

What else do you think helped the show gain popularity in Nigeria? Drop your comments below.

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