For job searchers, whether totally unemployed or seeking new job opening while working, business conferences are vital and beneficial. Notwithstanding the fact that conferences can be quite expensive, you can make it budget-friendly. Simply look out for local gatherings to save cost or try reaching to the organizers for  available discounts or even scholarships.

Whichever one you opt for, the fact remains that conference attendance is a wise time and money investment. Beyond that, it does bring new insight into your industry, presents interview opportunities, avails you with lifelong connections and other amazing benefits and opportunities.

5 Advantages of Attending a Conference

1. You’ll learn about your industry.

Hiring managers will inquire from you during interviews about your education and past experiences. In addition to that, they will also be interested in knowing how much you know of the overall field. When they ask those questions, an awareness of the industry gotten from leaders will aid in giving a robust and satisfactory answer.

To gain those insights and awareness, however, you need to attend conferences. Not just about the overall field, conferences help your knowledge of specific companies too. These knowledge are helpful when writing your cover letter or during interviews. To make your cover letter catchy, you can name check presentations done by the company’s employees, you can also reference conversations with staffers during a conference. With this, your interest in the company can be considered genuine as well as informed.

2. You’ll make connections.

Don’t underestimate Networking; it’s a huge plus anytime any day. While connections are established, you have privileged information of job opportunity even before they are made public. Having someone in the company as your referee during job application can strengthen your chances.

It’s possible you always feel nervous and a bit uneasy whenever networking or even small talk is mentioned. If that is the case, always bear in mind that at every conference, all attendees are always eager to meet people and make new friends. In conferences also, starting conversations are quite simple.

With simple questions like, “What’s your favourite presentation so far?” or “What do you think of [conference’s location] so far?”, you can actually begin a conversation.
During conversations with new acquaintances, you should make use of your elevator pitch. If the conversation gets deep and interesting, do well to exchange business cards, or even search the individuals’ profile on LinkedIn and connect with them.

3. You’ll discover opportunities.

Lots of times, job opportunities and advertisements only get to the job boards when the potential candidate is in the mind of the Manager or Supervisor already. However, during conversations (before and after sessions) in conferences or during the social parts of a conference, chances are that you will find out an opening in a company.

You can also get the chance to be better informed about your dream job and company just from attending a conference. Connecting with someone from the company for an informational interview after the event is also possible.

4. You’ll get ideas and inspiration.

Conferences are always nice places to generate ideas, just like in brainstorming sessions. Often times, once a conference is over, you will discover new fields or a new type of jobs that you desire pursuing. There are various great ways of taking advantages of conferences when you attend. One of those ways is by asking everyone you meet (people you admire especially) how they got to their positions. Through that question, you may eventually find yourself a mentor before the end of the conference.

5. You’ll improve your job-search skills.

Some people get anxious over mall talks. They are always sweaty and blushing when it comes to asking questions or presenting in a large group. Whichever group you belong to, one perfect place to practice and improve on these is in a conference. Yes, conferences help you work on your speech skills as well as other tips to make your interviews successful. It also improves your on-the-job performance.

What to Do When the Conference Is Over

It’s a huge loss for those who think conferences are over after just the one-day event or weekend-long event. Truth is that, after the events are over, the real task of following up persons you met at the conference begins. This is the most important part of the meeting, often neglected by some.

One sure and easy way to do this is by connecting on LinkedIn. Twitter is also a platform to follow new connections. Another sure means of communication even though time-consuming is writing a mail to them personally. In the mail, reference your conversation with them. Also, let them know of your desire to constantly communicate with them.

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