Relationships: Cheating creates a heavy moral stain, a complete betrayal of trust and respect.

For some people, cheating is easy and it doesn’t necessarily bother them so long as the person promises not to commit the act again, they’re willing to forgive. But, that’s not what i want to talk about. I will like to think that most people who fall under this category have engaged in the act themselves one way or the other. Just saying.

Apart from killing, I don’t think there is anything else that qualify for one of the most untrustworthy act anyone can commit, and which will bring instant societal judgement when brought up for media debates. Though the main subject matter of the topic is specifically on relationships and dating interactions, it doesn’t end there though. Take for instance, a criminal. If a person decided that they will forcefully take what’s not theirs because they have a weapon, they’re cheating on the rest of the citizen’s, telling them that they want to subvert order for personal selfish interests. It usually doesn’t go well, and i do hope you get the picture.

Back to the discourse at hand. Cheating in a relationship is a line crossed, which the doer shouldn’t expect to be forgiven for. It is a total betrayal of trust and personal ridicule, a mockery of all that you are as a person. One thing with the act is the fact that once known as a cheat, it is hard to imagine that you could ever be trusted again by your partner. They will never look at you in the same way ever again, even if they’re the type likely to eventually forgive you later. Your presence is going to be a constant reminder in their mind that you once cheated. Or, is it really that once? You know, suddenly, this thought can no longer be dismissed as an ordinary thought any more.

Then it will start falling like torrential rain water soaked in the flurries of memories from past acts and behaviours by you which will now finally start making sense. Some things that you didn’t really pay attention to will start popping up into your mind, the dots start connecting. All of a sudden, some calls and texts and some other weird acts and behaviour starts making sense. The bad vibes it creates will continue to be there, it never goes, until you leave or they now assure themselves that they no longer care and can do anything they want (indirectly forcing you to politely take your leave off their life). This is just in case they didn’t tell you to go to hell immediately they found out anyway.

Cheating in a relationship is so bad that as soon as you get caught, for some reason it will make you feel filthy about yourself, especially when you finally realised that you could have avoided it. You will finally realise that you are in charge of yourself at all times, and there is no lie you tell yourself that can justify the fact that you are cheat. There is none at all. Instead of cheating in a relationship or marriage, why not simply stay on your own as a spinster or bachelor and enjoy your life as you please, no holds barred. I mean that’s the most reasonable thing to do, isn’t it? Why engage in something that requires fidelity and faithfulness only to turn it into a sour experience for the other person? It’s even worse if there are children in it. 

It’s selfishness on the part of the cheater, especially knowing the fact that with cheating, there is rarely any other consequences than breakup or divorce coupled with the stigma and disgrace that comes with it. And if your children come to know you cheated and is the cause of the divorce, they will probably never forgive you for breaking up their home. When you look at it with the right lenses, you realise that nothing ever justifies cheating, not even as a pay back for a cheating partner. 

You can now live your life as you choose in this modern age, with no one bothering you, and the constitution of the land backing you up. So, who are you really impressing by getting married or being in a relationship, then later resort to cheating? It doesn’t make sense. If you are tired of your date or partner, seeking a peaceful dissolution of the union and go live your life, but never resort to cheating while professing faithfulness. It’s a shame. You could really live a wonderful life full of great moments without marrying or dating you know. I mean, look at the pope. I hope you do get the picture!

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