The viral story of Chika Ike trying to snatch Regina Daniels’ husband doesn’t make sense.

According to a viral news on the Nigerian media space by, Regina’s mum is threatening hail and storm on the star actor, accusing her of trying to steal her daughter’s husband and telling Chika to leave her daughter alone. From the viral news, it stems from the fact that Chika Ike allegedly had a fling in the past with the billionaire before they parted their ways.

I don’t know how true the story is, or if it’s one of those false stories that went viral. But, lets just for a second say that the story is true, doesn’t it make for hypocrisy and a self-deprecating irony? I mean, the daughter is not even the first wife or the Anambra born billionaire.

Or, did they sign a non-disclosure agreement that Ned Nwoko will no longer carry on his own affairs anymore as he so wish? And why will Chika Ike be wanting to snatch Ned Nwoko? is he a property public snatchers? Okay, I’m kidding, but you get the point though.

I will like to believe that this is fake news anyway, for cheap media thrills!

On the bright side though, Ned Nwoko married the daughter, not the actor being accused.

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