Leaders of Tomorrow: Accelerating personal growth efficiently [Periodical].

Many people want to improve their personal life affairs, but they can’t do that because some of their major daily activities and decisions are hindering them from achieving this simple life goal.

Like every other thing in life, accelerating personal growth both emotionally, physically and mentally is not as easy as it sounds. But, that doesn’t make it impossible. With dedication and consistency, people have pulled out if worse situations and conquered their self in order to move higher in their personal growth ladder. 

Though it’s not easy, nothing good comes easy. This tips will not automatically make you the next Bill Gates, but I’m sure inculcating even 10% of it will surely improve your personal growth, and help cut off unnecessary distractions from your life.

1) Whatever you do, give it 100% of your time.

You have probably heard about the saying that ‘Practice makes perfect’. This is one of the better advice you can get. With full commitment to things you are invested in, you learn better and will always get the whole picture as opposed to getting half of the picture. 

Take for instance, there is no way for you to know the contents of a book by just looking at the title. Oftentimes, you realise that though the headline gives a bright Insight into what to expect from the book, it doesn’t tell the whole story. To get the whole thing the book is talking about, you just have to read the whole book, not just some portions of it.

This same thing can be applied in literally any other venture you engage in, be it your official work or nights out with friends. Give it all your 100%, and you definitely will be better off for it.

2) Stop wasting your time watching pornographic contents.

This fact cannot be overemphasized. It damages the brain with its addictive impulses, and continual watching of it is as addictive as cocaine and alcohol.

Time wasted watching pornography can be utilised for one gainful activity. Instead of watching porn, count the average time utilized in watching it and apply it to learning one digital skill like Google’s Digital Marketing For Africa. You would have improved your CV and of course, learnt a lot on how to make money using digital marketing tools.

In a nutshell, utilize that time for soft skill acquisition or make it a book reading time or any other fun stuff. Honestly, watching pornography isn’t going to put food on your table, and at most will sap you of mental and physical energy.

3) Don’t follow the crowd, go your own way.

The wording above is succinct enough for those who already know the great benefit of not aligning with partisan crowd mentality.

Learn to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and most times, this includes withdrawing from the crowd. Not following the crowd is going to allow you cultivate a strong mind of your own, with the ability to view things objectively and not out of sentiment or whatever prejudice the crowd is peddling to keep going or sustain its pulling.

To be unique, you have to pull out from the crowd and have your own voice. Don’t just do things because others are doing it. You have to do things because it will benefit you personally or the world at large.

Obviously, this means that you have to choose the type of company you keep seeing as sometimes, we will do things just so our alleged friends don’t think we have something against them. It’s all emotional nonsense anyway, to hoodwink you into sticking with crowd and not find your own way. The world is ruled by people who decided to be unique, aligned with people of same mind and achieved groundbreaking inventions which we are both enjoying.

4) Put a limit on the time you spend on social networks.

This fact cannot be overemphasized. Nothing kills time than a simple act of opening any of the popular social media platform around.

Sometimes, we may say we just want to scroll through and see what’s happening, especially with close contacts, and before you say jack, one hour has gone. 

I am not one of those people that will tell you that social media is bad, it isn’t. Like every other thing in life, how it is used is the difference between. Catching fun through social media is great, but when you start spending too much time there and get addicted to it, then it becomes a problem. 

A lot of people now seek validation through social media, and reports of people (mostly youth) getting depressed because they’re not generating as much likes for their posts on social media as they want. That’s what social addiction can cause. The wise sage says to moderate substantial engagement to social or at least find a means to make money from it. This way, your love for social media pinging will rather be generating money for you, not consuming your data for cheap media likes that serves no purpose.

5) Take care of your health.

Do i really need to tell you to take care of your health? 

Of all things you are going to achieve in life, if you neglect your health, other people will end up enjoying all your hard work and wealth. That’s the simple truth.

If it doesn’t come from seeking medication to terminal illnesses which comes up as a result of health neglect, then it will be from your wealth going to living relations when the health finally caves in and the person is no more.

Eat healthy foods and fruits, avoid junk foods, and do your best to exercise regularly. Do not engage in things likely to endanger your health.

By improving on all this aspects of your life, you will greatly see a huge difference. I would also advise that you also avoid the habit of making procrastination. Nothing kills time and passion that this simple but very powerful enemy.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Please share with your family and friends. Also like or comment.


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