How To Make Your Current Job More Like Your Dream.

A survey conducted by MidAmerica Nazarene University has one major conclusion: Americans are big job dreamers. The survey was conducted with 2,000 people and the result showed that 41% of these number dream to become business owners. As part of their dream, they desire to have 52 off days every year, have one hour for lunch every day, 38-hour workweeks, and then to work remotely 11 days in a month.

One surprising fact, however, is that only about 12% of the survey participants dreamt of climbing the corporate ladder. Meanwhile, the dream of 23% is to have a mid-level management role. For dream salary, the average salary the men wanted was $444,958, while $278,637 was the average salary for women.

The difference between both is $166,321. It was discovered that the major things men looked for in a dream job were nice pay, flexibility, and creative freedom. Women, on the other hand, wanted the same thing however in varying order of importance. For them, flexibility comes first, then creative freedom before a good salary crowns it all.

According to the survey, Remote work and flexible hours topped the wish list of many participants. Sadly, a greater percentage of these people are currently not on their dream job yet.

Making Your Current Job More Like Your Dream

1) Become An Idea Employee.

Begin firstly by thinking beyond your current role and realm of responsibilities. Think of the next thing the team or the company needs. Transform your responsibilities at your current job by offering creative and constructive suggestions to your boss and superiors. If these ideas get adopted, you are likely to be selected in their implementations.  The implementation process will certainly give you more insight into your position, so you can begin to connect more with it.

2) Step Out Of Your Normal Scope.

Let your boss/employer see you functioning in the role you desire, not just the one you currently have. You can go out of your way to volunteer for key projects, important initiatives, and look for ways to create greater impact than your current job description.

Become the go-to person at your workplace by developing strong working relationships with decision makers. While you do that, be sure to let your preferences for new responsibilities known.

3) What Do You Enjoy Doing?

Make a good list of all the things you enjoy doing in your current job. Ensure you deliberately start doing more of them. Don’t stop there. You can pick up any small smart projects that require you to use these skills frequently.  Keep up at it, and you will certainly find yourself more satisfied and fulfilled on your current job.

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