10 brutal but harsh truths about relationships between men and women who are dating.

Here is a list of some the brutal truths about relationships which noone may probably tell you.

1) One will always take, and one will always give. During the goings on in the relationship, the role may tilt a bit and sometimes shift expectedly, but sooner or later, it will revert back. The one who takes will continue to take while the one who gives will continue to give, except resentment sets in (which is usually the case for unreciprocated acts of kindness).

2) It is easy to know how much respect you have in someone’s life if you are in a relationship with them. If they have no respect for you, they will pay less regard to your feelings and always do what they like anyway.

3) Most problems in blossoming relationships tend to start once expectations begin to take root, mostly because of the close companionship that is building. One thing to always bear in mind about expectations is that it can be really quite disappointing. Best to keep it in check.

4) Don’t try to force people to talk if they don’t want to, especially if you observe they don’t appear to be in the mood. People have their other lives outside of you, you know. The persons mood may have nothing at all to do with you, so give them a space. They will talk about it with you when they think it’s the best time, not because you are bothering them. Any other thing aside from this is just you creating a nuisance and being annoying.

5) If there is one thing that holds true with love, it is the fact that it is hard to find someone who will love you unequivocally and unconditionally apart from your parents and family. It may not be what you want to hear, but that’s the truth. Every other friend in your life is there because there’s a part of you which you like sharing with them.

Hard to fall in love with someone who you don’t see yourself sharing a part of you with right? So, sometimes, it’s not really that they don’t want to reciprocate the love, it’s just that there is no connection yet. But, should that connection get aligned correctly, well, you will know the rest of the love story at the altar!

6) People who are committed to a relationship with you will always try to find a way to make things work. Even when things go wrong, it won’t be because you guys didn’t try to make the relationship work. After all, they’re in it for the long haul, and don’t like jumping from relationships.

7) There is always a chance that the other person will not appreciate all the sacrifices you make for them in a relationship, until you stop doing it and probably walk off their life forever.

8) If they prefer online discussions mostly as opposed to physical ones, there is a chance that that’s how it’s going to be in the long haul. So, if all efforts to constantly initiate physical meet ups are met with angelic reasons why they may not be chanced, they’re sending you a clear message. Best heed to it and know that they prefer you as their chat buddies (probably for the moment…who knows).

9) People change and adapt to situations all the time. Remember, you are just one of the many things in anyone’s life. So, bear it in mind that there are other things in people’s life which will always be private with them, and which may be influencing their life choices but has nothing to do with you. Out of sight for a week can drastically change someone in ways you never can tell.

So, do not for a second think that you truly know anyone.

10) People make a lot of promises, mostly with good intentions. However, always watch what they do Instead. As they say, talk is cheap. If someone continually says one thing and does another thing, best pay serious attention to the act and know that’s who they really are!


Do not assume anything in relationships. Ask for clarifications about anything bothering you or make clarifications about what you cannot tolerate if the case be. Ignoring this is going to create disregard of feelings and emotions in the near future!

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