BBNaija 2020 Finale: Day 70 – A cold reception and a new revelation.

A few of the Housemates were upset about the reception they got from the ex Housemates while one learnt something new.

Heading back into the House, all the Housemates could talk about was seeing the old Lockdown Housemates on the dance floor. Although they were happy to see them, some of the final five weren’t too pleased with the reception they got from them.

Getting Ignored.

Vee didn’t get a favourable response from some of the ex-Housemates as she reeled out names of the ones who didn’t acknowledge her. She mentioned Lilo, Wathoni and Tolanibaj, but she really didn’t care. You lot thought otherwise though.

Dorathy also noted being ignored by a couple of Housemates but she wasn’t having that and went the extra mile to talk to them. The person who took it the hardest was Nengi who was disappointed and hurt that people she called her friends ignored her. Ozo ignoring her hurt her the most as she broke into tears. It took Laycon and the rest of the Housemates to pacify her as she sobbed. She did say her friendship with Ozo would possibly be over by the time she leaves the House.

•Crush renewed

Earlier in the season, Laycon did mention that he was attracted Lilo and tonight, he confirmed it as he raved to the rest of the Housemates about how lovely she looked saying she was the most beautiful girl at the party. Looks like Laycon might have plans for a more meaningful friendship with Lilo and the thought of her possibly still being with Eric won’t deter him.

Revealing old flames.

For the first time, Vee finally found out Kaisha had a crush on Neo and she was quite surprised.

Even though she appeared surprised by the new information, she didn’t seem bothered. She explained to him that she didn’t know where they were going, but at the end of it all, he will always remain her best friend and her personal person. She will be happy for him if he got a girlfriend or married.

Neo isn’t relenting though as he insists he wants to be with Vee and there are even talks of marriage.

Away from the after-party drama, today is the day we’ve all been waiting for the past 69 days. Today we will witness the winner of the Lockdown House and we really can’t wait.


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