The internal Party problems of APC and PDP are not Nigeria’s problems, don’t fall for it.

There is always this sympathetic approach of this two parties to create empathy for their members through alleged unconstitutional prosecution of party members. It’s absolute gimmicks and total hogwash! Never fall for the sympathetic gimmicks of this people who always seem to forget they were executive officers in their various states yet there is nothing to write home about in terms of development and infrastructure; despite the billions they receive monthly in allocations and revenues.

Before you start siding with any of this parties, always ask yourself if you are a direct beneficiary of their various acts of magnanimity with public funds and then decide if it’s worth the effort. When you hear that Party A member is facing corruption charges, it is not your duty to start defending them from the comfort of your room as a keyboard warrior when you practically know nothing about what is happening. For once, keep your ethnicity and religious bias aside and read to know what is happening, then decide if it’s worth being your business. If not, please put that effort into building up your own personal capacity that will yield you legitimate revenue and nice income streams.

You see, for all the big news you hear or read about in Newspapers and other publications, there are even more bigger news behind the scenes which no Newspaper may be allowed to publish or even knows about (except – whistleblowing)…after all, they are in charge of the state’s total infrastructure, aren’t they?

They own the media, control the information we hear, control the money market, control the economy 100%. Please understand this! You have no reason wasting your effort on their personal party affairs that has nothing to do with the progress of Nigeria as a country! 

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