Iran Builds Up Offensively, Unveils New Ballistic Missiles That Can Destroy USA Army Bases in Asia.

According to a report by Iranian backed Press TV, Iran has unveiled its latest offensive weapon as they continue to ramp up their military defensively and offensively. 

The newly unveiled missile is expected to beat the record miles which the last version currently operates at. This means that the newly unveiled rocket can go double what the previous one can. According to the publication, the current rocket range of the newly unveiled weapon is 434 miles, which is more than double the entire region in which USA bases are located all around Iran in the Middle East.

With this range capacity of the Zolfaqar-e Basir rocket, Iran claims it can destroy USA Army bases in the Gulf region of the Asian Middle East. The United States of America has military bases in Middle East countries like Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. All of this countries are also in Asia, and surround Iran.

The Gulf region is notably 210 miles wide, which means that Iran’s new missile can actually wreak the havoc it claims it can unleash.

Recall that after the death of Iranian top leader, Major General Qassem Soleimani, which was claimed by USA President Donald Trump, tensions rose between the two countries. In retaliation for the death of their General, Iran reportedly assaulted a military base of the USA in Iraq with a missile strike. 

According to recent reports from Tehran, the strike at the military base of the United States in Iraq was made possible by the newly unveiled ballistic missile called Zolfaqar-e Basir rocket.

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