5 Harsh Lessons About The World You Should Have Learned By Now From The Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic is one event noone foresaw will destroy the world’s economy this year, practically halting global business as it peaked accross countries, leaving thousands of deaths in its wake.

Well, as the virus does what mutated viruses does when they come in contact with living beings, and as the world try to bounce back, if you haven’t learnt some of the harsh lessons about the world which was exposed by the pandemic, then you should really have a rethink.

Here are some of the harsh lessons which the pandemic has brought to fore again. It’s not like we are unfamiliar with all of them.

1) Life Is Short.

Most people go about living life as if they own it. Truth is, we don’t. There are zillions of things that can easily kill us, and one of them is a microscopic virus.

At the onset of the pandemic towards the lockdown period, a lot of people continued to say the virus is not real, that it is fake and therefore they will do as they please…Famous last words ever!

With things like this, whether or not the virus is real or fake shouldn’t be your major concern, your concern should be on how not to be the scapegoat by protecting yourself. Protect yourself first, and let the conspiracy theorists carry on with their hobby!

It’s really of no use being part of the scores updated on databases when you could have just applied the basic Survival 101 precautionary measure by being on the side of safety!

2) Jobs Are Temporary.

It may not be what you want to hear, but if you don’t own a business or means of production, then you definitely have to work for other people to earn money. The downside of working for other people is that unknown eventualities like the Covid-19 suddenly threatens the job due to the economy being locked down.

If an employer decides to cut costs, it really has nothing to do with you the employee, it’s just the economy. Again, they’re not in the business for charity purposes, and one of the key hardcore undeniable truths of business is that every employee is dispensable. 

So, to be indispensable, you got to do what you have to do. Employers will be unlikely to cut off an employee that earns them good money, Covid-19 pandemic or not!

3) Health Is Wealth.

I don’t need to remind you this. No one should to tell you to take your health serious. Every other thing you are going to be doing in life depends on this 100%. If anything, the Covid-19 has buttressed this fact to the core. 

Every country on earth is currently doing its best to make sure that the health of its citizens take priority over any business transactions or religious worship or sports event. That should again tell you the obvious importance of health.

If you are not healthy, well there won’t be any money making adventures for you. Health is Wealth, don’t jeopardise yours for any reason whatsoever.

4) Always Save Money.

Save for rainy days and uncertainties if you have the means to. It is not a decision you will regret.

There are a lot of uncertainties that can just spring up without being planned for, not just emergencies. The Covid-19 pandemic is one of them.

It might not surprise you to know that though the world’s economy is down, it isn’t affecting everyone in the same way. During the lockdown for instance, a lot of businesses were closed down. If there is nothing saved to hold onto in such an unplanned time, that is a silent call to hardship, who wouldn’t waste time in festering it’s wicked feathers all over the place.

This teaches a lesson in savings. If you can, save whenever you will. It will not be a decision you will regret.

5) The Pandemic Has Revealed Businesses Which are Vital to Man at the moment.

Did you ever stop to wonder the number of businesses that didn’t go into lockdown? 

You should start making inquiries about it from now. That’s exactly the type of business that is going to survive post Covid-19 and probably forever. It should start pointing you to the right business ventures.

In a nutshell, food producers and healthcare services providers didn’t go into lockdown because both are extraordinarily vital to our existence now. You know what else didn’t go into lockdown during the lockdown? The internet and all of its accessories!

I had to undergo several Digital Content Marketing courses during this Covid-19 period, and today it’s not something i regret doing.

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