Barca Fails First Real Test, Fumbles Against Europa League Winners, Sevilla.

In my last article with respect to the match against Sevilla, i clearly and unequivocally stated that the game against Sevilla at Camp Nou yesterday will be the best test of Koeman’s new found winning formula. The article has been 100% proven right and justified.

Most people thought that Barca will blow away Sevilla, owing to the fact that Barca has been hammering the Andalusian team at Camp Nou with at least four goals in their last visits. However, what they failed to note was that things have changed, and this Sevilla side is a different side now, with solid reinforcements. Add that to their Europa League win, and you begin to get the picture.

Both teams did their best in the first few minutes of the match to register a goal, but it was Sevilla’s De Jong who drew the first blood after he opened the scoring with a powerful shot inside the 18yard box, giving Sevilla a one goal lead.

The goal didn’t last though the moment Messi latched onto a pass, drove it forward and lobbed an up-through pass to Alba who was running for it alongside Coutinho and a Sevilla player. Unfortunately for the Sevilla defender, he mistakenly stopped the ball from reaching Alba but unintentionally gave Coutinho a perfect pass to bury into an open post to equalise for Barca.

The scores remained at 1-1 until the final whistle though both teams did their best to score, with Messi and Griezmann especially coming so close to score. In fact, in the dying minutes of the game, i saw a very highly motivated Barca side trying hard to breakdown a resilient Sevilla defence. But, it didn’t work out.

The draw means that Barca still remain unbeaten in Koeman’s maiden campaign. But, the team were visibly lagging, missing a lot of passes and bringing to fore dame old haunting spirit we usually see when the team is under pressure to deliver against a worthy opponent of recent.

That said, Barca were completely outplayed by Sevilla in the first half. Of the three matches played so far, Sevilla was actually the real test, and the team failed to deliver. The result of the match doesn’t really state exactly what happened in the field of play, but hear what Coutinho had to say about the match:

“It was a tough game, difficult, but that’s something that we knew. We took a point and now it’s the international break. I hope everyone returns fine and we can keep working.

“We’re playing the third game of three in a week and it’s hard but we’re at the start of the season and we’re going to adapt.

“Sevilla played very well, with a lot of players in the middle of the pitch and there are things we have to correct in the dressing room.”

There are definitely things the coach and the team needs to correct in the dressing room, and one of them should be for Barca not to sanction the sale of Dembele.


  1. Bayern struggled to beat Sevilla
    Bayern thrashed BARCA
    Sevilla should thrash Barca
    But soccer is not mathematics

    It is no failure. Barcelona deserved accolade for forcing Sevilla to a draw


    • Yeah. That’s another perspective of it.

      It’s just Sevilla is a Team Barca are used to beating at the Camp Nou, even when all were not well!


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