What A Team! Aston Villa Destroys Liverpool, Force Them To Deflect Three Balls Into Their Own Net.

So, i heard one of my siblings asking “what is this?” “what is happening?” “Is this a joke?” So, i came out from my room to inquire about what’s causing the constant repetition of the same statements i stated above in different formats.

As i approached him, lo and behold, it was the Aston Villa match he was watching with his smartphone. I thought it could have been because they cut his ticket since he dabbled in betting once in a while. What i saw next was unimaginable. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, flashing in his hands was the scoreline 6-2 in favour of Aston Villa. 

He was still wondering if it was a film he was watching when the 7th one entered. It wasn’t at all. But, the more funnier thing about it all was the way Liverpool players were practically (though unintentionally) scoring themselves goals through deflections. It happened first, then second and finally another, making it three goals deflected into the net by a single team in a single match.

Mcginn’s goal deflected off a Liverpool player, Barkley’s goal deflected off a Liverpool player and J Graelish’ goal was also deflected into the back of the net by a Liverpool player. All of this happened in one night!

That must be a record!

Liverpool were totally outclassed, and bombarded with counter attacks by a highly motivated and rejuvenated Aston Villa side with Barkley and Watkins composing the symphony. Even Mohammed Salah’s goal wasn’t enough to salvage anything for his team.

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