Barca And Real Madrid Crash To Surprise Defeats, A Sign That La Liga Teams Are Out For Blood.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona were handed their first defeat of the season at home and away respectively by familiar foes. Though the team may have just been promoted, Real Madrid already knew what to expect, especially as Cadiz has a familiar foe in their ranks, Alvaro Negredo.

Negredo teed up Anthony Lozano in the 16th minute, and he buried it at the back of the net. The goal effectively became the big difference of the day, handing Madrid their first league defeat of the season. The match ended Real Madrid 0 – 1 Cadiz.

The match is sure to be a real season booster for the newly promoted side. If they can stun Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabau, surely they can do it anywhere now.

After Real Madrid’s slip up, Barca were expected to take advantage of the situation by winning their game against Getafe FC. But, as Thanos said, reality is often disappointing.

De Jong’s careless foul on Djene inside the box gave the hosts a penalty kick which Jaime Mata scored, giving Getafe a 1 – 0 lead. The match eventually ended in the same scoreline, handing Ronald Koeman his first defeat of the season.

Barca failed to produce any reasonable chances in the second half. I earlier talked about how defensively solid Getafe is, especially when you realise that the Barca match is the 4th match in which they are keeping a clean sheet. They have played five games and kept four clean sheets. That’s impressive if you ask me.

Getafe narrowly missed out on the Europa League qualifications this season, but were Round Of 16 finalist’s last season in the Europa League. This big win over FC Barcelona will surely boost the morale of the club, which is exactly what they need to mount a worthy campaign this season.

Getafe FCrecently changed its name to “Fe” FC which means “Faith”.

As you can see, La Liga teams are not smiling at all, and out for business. It doesn’t matter where the venue is. If the big teams slip up or miss their chances (like Real Madrid did), it’s going to be bye-bye to the three points for the day! Shots have been fired, and now teams are going to be on their toes!

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