Restructuring: Political Offices Should Be Made Unattractive With Standard Civil Servants Wages.

I know this might seem like an unconventional approach, but evidence has shown that this is one of the best ways to make sure that people elected into public offices focus on actualising the mandate of the people. This of course, is as opposed to the individuals trying to actualise the mandates of their political parties and sponsors, often resulting in a favour or concession granting merry go round among key stakeholders.

Only genuine people willing to work for their fatherland will vie for such offices, knowing fully well that there is nothing much to gain than personal sacrifice for motherland. This is not a new system. Many countries have started this system already and it is has helped their various countries overcome their challenges and advanced their national development and economic prosperity.

In China for instance, it was reported that both President Xi and his cabinet earned $22,000 in annual salary. That is about N8,437,829.97. In other words, the biggest Political office holder in China earns $22,000.

In 2018, Senator Shehu Sani stated that the annual earning of top government officials in Nigeria is $480,000. This is not right at all.  When compared to other countries, see the annual salaries of their top government officials:

• India: $17,424.
• Hungary: $28,000.
• Czech Republic: $30,884.
• Poland: $31,480
•Turkey: $33,630
• Spain: $37,965
• Portugal: $55,455
• Switzerland: $66,000
• Kenya: $73,200
• South Africa: $75,280
• Sweden: $86,556
• Finland: $89,317
• Russia: $93,330
• Belgium: $97,549
• France: $98,647
• Denmark: $100,587
• UK: $102,364
• The Netherlands: $104,076
• Ireland: $106,389
• Norway: $108,907
• Austria: $117,903
• Canada: $130,710
• Germany: $133,279
• Italy: $143,352
• Australia: $141,330
• USA: $174,000
• New Zealand: $196,300
• Japan: $274,000

• NIGERIA = $480,000
                  = N184,176,000

How can they be recieving such huge amount of money, yet our economy is not better, with millions of unemployed citizens and a high poverty rate. They’re being paid humongous sums of money for doing absolutely nothing. This has to stop. No wonder they do everything they can to remain in office. It’s obvious political offices in the country are very attractive.

By making the political offices unattractive in terms of salaries and likely kickback loopholes blocked, with strong accountability checks and balances established, only those who really want to work for their country will desire to vie for such offices. Standard civil service remuneration should apply, or they revise the existing structures to accommodate wages of political office holders.

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