ENDSARS: An Amusement Park For Kids! Oba Of Lagos Palace Turned Into Free Party And Swimming Centre

Everybody Enjoy, No Wahala!” Oba Of Lagos Palace Turned To Free Swimming Pool For Kids.

An angry mob descended on the Palace of the Oba of Lagos State as the protests raged on Nationwide.

After gaining entrance to the palace, the mob destroyed the place, and looted the palace to the least minute property on the compound.

It was also alleged that Covid-19 palliatives were also found in the palace which they shared among themselves. One of the mob men was also seen rocking one of the Oba’s customized shoe, with many Nigerians jokingly stating that the staff and stool should be brought forth to make the young man the next Oba of Lagos.

As at today, some videos going round has it that the Oba’s palace have now been turned into an amusement park of some sort. In the video, you can see the people enjoying the swimming pool in the palace, and others walking around casually and calmly around the palace.

The voice on the video can even be heard saying “Everybody enjoy, no wahala!”

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