ENDSARS: Looter Starts Beating A Goat He Looted Out Of Frustration After The Goat Made Him Fall Down.

The ENDSARS protests continue to rock Nigeria as a nation, with the local and international community all calling on the government to listen to the demands of their people and act accordingly.

In a video that went viral last week, a lot of people were seen ransacking a big vehicle which was transporting livestock like goat, Chicken, etc.

However, what most people didn’t see is this funny video of this young man and the goat he was dragging along with him.

In the video, the young man probably in a hurry to take our the goat he looted out from the scene of the looting, started dragging the looted goat along with him accross the left side of the road. But, while he was dragging the goat behind, he was mistakenly tripped by the goat, making him to fall.

Out of frustration, my man started beating the helpless goat. The video is just simply comedic. Other looters continued their business in the background though!

Watch below:

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