Joy Of Satan Ministries: Satanic Ministry That Worships Satan And Glorifies His Demons From Hell!

A group can be said to be a Satanic group if they subscribe to The Satanic Bible.

Among Satanic groups worldwide, there is a particular group referred to as “Theistic Satanists”. Unlike other Satanist groups who are atheists, Theistic Satanists adopted the actual worship of Satan.

Among this group, there is the Joy of Satan Ministries, and they operate a website of the same name. You will be blown away at some of their peculiar doctrines and principles which i have summarised below.

The JOYOFSATAN is a Spiritual Satanic group that worships “The Self”. What this means is that this group of Satanists advocates for the spiritual worship of oneself because they believe that every human being is a God. This is the key Doctrine of this group of Satanists.

This are some of the other things this group believes in:

• They believe Satanism is way older than any other religion on earth.

• According to the Joy Of Satan Ministries:

” True Satanism is about elevating and empowering humanity, which was our True Creator (Satan’s) intention.

“We know Satan/Lucifer as a real being.

“We know Satan to be the True Father and Creator God of humanity.”

What this means is that to this group of Satanists, Satan is actually the creator of the universe, and that he is very real.

• The group also went further to state that:

“We know “Yaweh/Jehova” of the bible to be a fictitious entity, and the people behind coercing this lie, to be the true deceivers of humanity and the masters of lies.

“This is evident in the many contradictions within the Judeo/Christian Bible, revealing this text to be the work of human beings who had occult knowledge and infused it with power to make it credible, and to incite fear in order to control.”

To the group, The Christian Bible is a lie used by people with more advanced knowledge of things. They also state that with this knowledge, this set of people have gone on to deceive humanity.

• They also stated that they do not partake in any form of sacrifice.


Though the group advocates for self worship, they admitted that they glorify Satan and his demons.

However, the group and their members do not worship Satan like in some other religions. Among other things, they claim to:

• Work directly with Satan.

• Advance the enlightenment of the soul through meditation.

• Also, ” Spiritual Satanists acknowledge science and believe everything of the occult/supernatural to have a rational scientific explanation.”

According to them:


• Satanic Sermons.

• The Al Jilwah Black Book Of Satan.

• Some Satanic Symbols

• Satanic WitchCraft

• Satanic Rites And Celebrations.

• Step by Step Guide on how to dedicate your soul to Satan.

• Step by Step Guide on how to evoke demon of choice.

• There is also abundance of literature in their official site, and they also welcome everyone, including Teens and Children.


The Joy Of Satan Ministries believe that demons are the original Gods worshipped by pagans in mediaeval times. They also believe that the Judeo-Christian faith has corrupted the teachings relating to demons, and that this demons were “blasphemed as monsters!”.

The group advocates for its members to seek the demons for some of their needs, and that the original Gods of hell will answer their call. To this end, the group teaches “Evocation” and “Invocation” of demons.

In their website, they also listed all the names of their demons, and ways of contacting them.


  1. It’s always good to have broad knowledge and know what’s happening around us. Living in denial of things does not mean they do not exist.


  2. As a Devout Christian Youth Pastor i have now decided to Submit to Lucifer as my New God, for i see His awesome power over us Christians and i know i am going against what i always believed , but i feel freedom in Satan

    Liked by 1 person

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