China Influence USA

Does China Control USA? #7 Ways China Continue To Influence American Culture And Politics.

Not a lot of people will disagree that China can rightly be called a Superpower today. The meteoric rise of China didn’t happen overnight of course. However, the rise of the Chinese also came with direct or indirect influences on major cultures and economies around the world. Chief amongst this culture is the American culture and politics which has hugely benefited from China in so many ways.

In this article, we will be showing you some of the major aspects of American culture and lifestyle that has been directly or indirectly influenced by China.

1) Entertainment

Hollywood witnessed an upgrade in its martial arts displays for motion pictures with the Introduction of Chinese Kung Fu and other Chinese fighting techniques thanks to Bruce Lee.

Till this day, Hollywood movies continue to reap the benefits of Kung Fu, albeit in different modified formats.

2) Trade

USA and China are still at loggerheads over some trade embargoes. However, most analysts and economic experts believe that this is one fight the USA cannot win against China. Why?

Well, as you already know, most of the USA big corporations have big interests in China. From Apple to Tesla, etc. Again, most producer’s of certain commodities have huge markets in China’s 1billion+ economy. The steel embargo and Soybean boycott comes to mind.

3) Weapons and Ammunition

Like it or not, China’s military rise also means that they’re now a big player in the munitions industry.

This means that China can sell some of their wares to other countries at cheaper rates, just like every other commodity they market to the world.

Apart from that, China’s military advancement will admittedly continue to push further advancements in the arm race. Of course, as the number one Superpower in the world, USA continues to also upgrade and advance so as not to slack behind. Ummmm, 10+ Super-cariers? Go figure!

4) Technological Drive

This point cannot be overemphasized. China is the reason why most high commodity products are available at cheaper prizes. Reduction of costs of production has a lot to do with this.

China has helped advance technology in so short a time through appropriate cost management, even most American companies had to take advantage of it.

5) Education

China has the highest number of foreign students in USA. Yes, they are learning. What else?

6) Economy

Well, at this point in time, China controls a considerable percentage of the worlds economy. After all, they’re the second biggest economy in the world after the USA.

This means that USA have no option than to tap into the Chinese market. From Hollywood movies tickets to chip commercial transactions, China continues to affect the economy of USA.

At the moment, Huawei and Xiaomi rank 2nd and 3rd respectively as the top Mobile devices, knocking back Apple down to 4th position. That’s the other side of the Chinese effect too.

7) Foreign Debts

Needless to say, China also holds the biggest foreign debt drawn against the USA. Let’s hope they don’t call in the debt any time soon though.

The world is a global village now. It’s impossible for countries to exist nowadays without relating with the other nations surrounding it. As countries continue to grow, they will be forced to interact with each other. USA and China are not left out too!

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