Don Jazzy Caught Again: Sexy Lady With Sultry Clothes Gets Don Jazzy’s Attention.

No be say person don turn monitoring spirit on top Don Baba J head. But, this man sabi ‘like’ good thing no be lie! At least, Baba no get wife wey go stop am from ‘liking’ good things on Twitter.

Hope say una don see the last better thing wey Baba been ‘like’ before? If you never see am eeh, you self dey miss better thing o.

Oya, rush now go see your own. Even you go confirm say Don Jazzy dey ‘like’ good things!

For the current better picture wey Baba just like for Twitter, you gaz look well, before you go realise say na see-through dressing the baby dey wear o. No be small thing o!

No be say Baba just like the picture o, the lady in question made a statement in her Twitter profile, asking if she don get people attention with her sultry dressing. Na so Don Jazzy run enter for the babe timeline, say the babe don get him attention. No be small thing o!

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