Womb Pictures Of a baby

Full Pictures: Human Fertilisation And Development Inside A Womb

Have you ever imagined how actual conception occurs in the womb? In this article, we will be showing you complete step by step pictures of how human embryo is formed in the womb from the time of conception up till the moment when the baby will be ready to be delivered.

So, grab a popcorn, relax and enjoy this wonderful ride with me.

5) This is the moment that the actual conception or fertilisation of the female ovaries takes place. The successful sperm enters the egg cells in this stage, and then fertilises it.

6) The fertilised eggs will start to form an embryo. After eight days, it would have attached itself to the womb walls.

7) After the embryo gets attached to the Wall, the baby’s brain will start to develop. Note that this takes some days too, as it just doesn’t start immediately the embryo gets attached to the womb wall.

8) Next is the heart. Usually, it is noted to start beating from the 18th day of conception. On the 24th day, this is what the baby’s heart looks like.

9) After four weeks, the embryo starts taking shape and forming the baby structure which you will soon see below.

10) At the fifth week of conception, the baby’s face starts to form. The holes you are looking at is the space for the eyes, nostrils and mouth of the baby at its earliest formative days.

11) The growth continues. If you look clearly, you will notice that the placenta is being formed. The placenta will help the baby absorb nutrients from the mother, breathe, as well as help the baby discharge wastes.

12) After the eight week of conception, the foetal sack is fully formed around the baby.

13) By the 16th week, the mother may start noticing movements in her womb as a result of the foetus exploring it’s immediate environment with their hands.

14) As the foetus continues to get nutrients from the mother and develop, you can see that it is pretty much starting to look like the baby we all once were.

15) Cartilages are formed too, and you can see blood vessels coursing through the baby’s veins.

16) After 18 weeks, the baby Should have grown at least 18cm and should be able to start hearing sounds.

17) From week 19, the fingernails are visible.

18) By Week 20, Lanugo (woolly hair) must have formed on the baby, and the baby would have added at least 2cm in height.

19) After 24 weeks.

20) Development of the baby continues as he continues to feed from its mother’s nutrition. This is how the baby looks like after 26 weeks.

21) After 6 months, the baby is almost getting ready to leave the womb for the real world.

22) This is four weeks prior to birth.

Note that at this point, the baby must have turned upside down in the womb for easy delivery.

Happy Birthday dear little one!



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