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Opinion: How Come People Believe Money Ritual Is Real? Don’t They Realize Free Money Doesn’t Exist?

People Spreading money

I often read with sadness, the many news reports about some person or group of persons being caught with items connoted as “ritualistic” or similar listings. The last one was the recently released news trending online about two boys caught in Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South Local Government Area, Delta State. The news was published by Vanguard.

According to the news report, the two boys were allegedly caught with a casket full of women inner wears. From the report, the boys were caught by the mob who would have unleashed a jungle justice save for the swift intervention of the police.

From the news report, we see that the young men were not even been caught or charged with possession of stolen items (female wears), which they are actually guilty of. But, they were about to be mobbed for something that exists in the figment of the imagination of the alleged mob and the alleged two culprits of the said “yahoo yahoo” imaginary ritual.

Honestly, this is heartbreaking. Heartbreaking for the boys as well as their captors. Why do i say that? Firstly, something must be really not mentally right with someone that thinks that anyone can make money ritualistically through women wears. It’s absolutely ridiculous, absurd and totally quite appalling. It’s illogical, unreasonable and irrational at all level to even believe that there is a magical ritual somewhere that can create a financial overflow for anyone under any ritualistic disguise whatsoever.

In case i have been speaking in tongues since, if you believe that someone can do yahoo ritual or whatever with female clothings, and be a superstar or billionaire, then something is definitely wrong with your cognition! They say it’s a kolomental case! Money ritual na better scam!

Please kindly advise or share with anyone you know to avoid this repeating occurrence of people and their imaginary money making rituals claims. This false information that you can be rich through some imaginary money ritual has to stop to save innocent lives.

Please share!

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