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5 Important Facts You Must Know About Cardiac Arrest, The Medical Condition That Killed Maradonna.

The football world recently lost a global icon to a sudden Cardiac Arrest. Cardiac Arrest is a major killer condition. When you even realise further that it could literally happen anywhere, and mostly all of a sudden, it becomes more frightening. Needless to say, the casualty rate for cardiac arrests are high.

What does Cardiac Arrest Mean?

Well, from the name, you already know that ‘cardi’ is mostly used to refer to the heart and it’s related functions all over the body. So, in this instance, ‘cardiac arrest’ means that the heart suddenly stops working and the beating stops immediately.

Once this occurs, there is no blood flow again to the brain and every other part of the body. From the description already, you already know how dangerous this is.

So, here are five important things to note about this dangerous emergency medical condition.

1) Cardiac Arrest is different from ‘Heart Attack’. Heart attack mostly happen when blood could no longer properly flow through the arteries, thereby coagulating or blocking the arteries. This prevents movement of blood, and therefore cause heart attack.

However, Cardiac Arrest is sudden and brief. Think of that awkward moment when an ‘electric generator’ suddenly malfunctions and stops instantly. It’s similar to what happens during cardiac arrest.

2) The death statistics of cardiac arrest victims are 9:10. According to reports, only one in ten people survive a cardiac arrest. However, this survival can only occur if –

• there is immediate reversal within minutes.

Therefore, the chances of survival depends entirely on the nearest emergency delivering by-the-minute emergency services like CPR.

3) Risk Factors!

It is advised to know your risk factors all the time. For example, allergies. Allergies are simply things your body system doesn’t like.

For Cardiac Arrest, the risk factors are numerous. Here are some of the conditions that can trigger Cardiac Arrest in a person.

• The person have suffered heart attack in the past.

• Has suffered any coronary artery related disease.

Coronary artery disease risk factors include High Blood Pressure, smoking cigarettes, diabetes, high cholesterol or fat in blood, etc.

4) Also, things like blood perfusion pressure, family history with heart diseases and abnormal heartbeats are also risk factors that can necessitate the killer sudden arrest. Take note.

Once you notice any palpitations around your heart region, seek medical help immediately, don’t self-medicate or think that drinking water will solve the problem. Please, life is too precious.

5) Lifestyle!

The type of lifestyle a person lives also plays a major role in cardiac arrest. Sedentary lifestyles are as a matter of fact, frowned upon by medical experts.

Apart from that, smoking is also another lifestyle that may trigger a cardiac arrest. Doctors advise that as much as possible, eat a balanced meal and be physically active.

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